Kitty Bruce Wikipedia – Who Is She? Family And Net Worth

Kitty Bruce

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Kitty Bruce, the CEO and founder of The Lenny Bruce Memorial Foundation, is a multifaceted individual who has made her mark in various fields.

Her journey began in the film industry, where she debuted as a plump teenager in the girl-gang film “The Jezebels” in 1975.

Under the direction of Jack Hill, Kitty delivered a remarkable performance, skillfully portraying a buxom yet frail character who would go to great lengths to gain acceptance from the tough gang leaders.

She also experimented in the music industry as a pop singer. Her talent and unique style allowed her to open up for renowned acts such as George Carlin and Diana Ross.

Kitty continues to make significant contributions as the CEO and founder of The Lenny Bruce Memorial Foundation.

Her commitment to preserving her father’s legacy, the legendary comedian Lenny Bruce, shines through her work with the foundation.

Kitty Bruce Wikipedia – Who Is She? 

Kitty started the Lenny Bruce Memorial Foundation in 2008 to fight drug and alcohol abuse through scholarships and education.

Through close collaboration with sober houses and treatment programs, she takes on a hands-on role in overseeing various aspects of addiction services. Her ultimate goal is to save lives by working exclusively with approved facilities.

Kitty Bruce Wikipedia
Kitty Bruce wikipedia: She founded The Lenny Bruce Memorial Foundation. (Source: brandeis)

One of the foundation’s key initiatives is providing scholarships for sober living programs, carefully selected and endorsed by herself. She expects to establish educational modules that attach to The Lenny Bruce Module guidelines, ensuring long-term success in overcoming addiction.

Under Bruce’s leadership, the foundation maintains an unwavering commitment to each individual they assist. They go beyond financial aid by offering aftercare support, family care support, and continuous educational and emotional guidance to the recipients of their scholarships.

Bruce takes immense pride in the numerous success stories she has personally witnessed. Many individuals who have received funding and educational resources from The Lenny Bruce Memorial Foundation continue to lead productive, clean, and sober lives today.

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Kitty Bruce Family 

Kitty Bruce, born in 1955 on november 7, is renowned as the only daughter of the legendary comedian Lenny Bruce and his wife, Honey Harlow.

Unfortunately, her parent’s marriage ended on January 21, 1957, just two years after her birth.

Sally Marr, Kitty’s grandmother, played a significant role in Lenny Bruce’s life, being an influential American stand-up comic, dancer, and actress.

Honey Harlow, her mother, was an American stripper and showgirl whose life tragically ended in September 2005. Meanwhile, her father, Lenny Bruce, was an outstanding figure in stand-up comedy, widely recognized for his sharp social commentary and acting abilities.

Kitty Bruce
Kitty’s parents: Father Lenny Bruce and mother Honey Bruce (Source: Twitter)

Lenny Bruce and Honey Harlow crossed paths in 1951 when Bruce encountered Honey, a stripper hailing from Manila, Arkansas.

The couple married that same year, and Bruce wanted to convince Honey to leave her profession as a stripper. In 1953, they went to the West Coast and got a gig at the Cup and Saucer in Los Angeles as a double act.

So, Kitty comes from a family with a long history in the theater business. She carries on a long family tradition.

Kitty Bruce Net Worth

Kitty, the daughter of the legendary comedian Lenny Bruce, is recognized for her famous family and remarkable achievements.

She has amassed an estimated net worth of $58 million. Besides being the founder of The Lenny Bruce Memorial Foundation, she has made a name for herself as an actor.

Kitty has pursued a career in the entertainment industry. She began her journey in the film industry during her teenage years, debuting as a plump teenager in the girl-gang film titled The Jezebels (also known as The Jezebels) in 1975.

In addition to acting, she pursued a career as a pop singer, sharing the stage with icons like George Carlin and Diana Ross.

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