Who Was Juan Carlos Nava Esposa, Mariana Jurado? Causa De Muerte

Juan Carlos Nava Esposa

Who was Juan Carlos Nava esposa Mariana Jurado? Netizens, also fans of the hilarious standup comedian, want to know his partner’s causa de muerte.

Juan Carlos Nava is an actor and producer best known for his roles in various television shows and movies like Navidad Fabuloja, Sonadoras, and Big Brother: EI Complot.

The Mexican actor and producer have had an extensive acting career, appearing in numerous Mexican TV programs and films since the 1990s.

Some of his most prominent credits are the 1998 movie Navidad Fabuloja and the 1998 TV series Sonadoras, which he produced and acted in.

In addition, he was also a contestant on the 2003 reality show Big Brother: EI Complot.

Originally from Mexico City, the entertainer spent over two decades working in the film industry of his native Mexico as both an actor and producer.

Who Was Juan Carlos Nava Esposa, Mariana Jurado?

As per sources, Mariana Jurado and Juan Carlos were married in 1998. They had a son together named Mariano.

Mariano was born shortly before Jurado, and Juan Carlos divorced in 2007, just a few years after their marriage.

Despite their split, they shared a child, Mariano, who is now in his mid-teens.

Even though the specifics of their relationship breakdown remain unclear, they had brought a child into the world together with Mariano before going their separate ways in 2007.

Very few details are publicly known about Juan Carlos Nava esposa, Mariana; she kept her personal life private.

Juan Carlos Nava Esposa
Juan Carlos Nava esposa, Mariana lost her life while battling with cancer (Source: EI Heraldo de Mexico)

Mariana maintained a low profile; little was revealed about her background, family, or career.

The media does not have definite information regarding Mariana’s parents, their identities, or their occupations.

Additionally, the late wife of Juan Carlos Nava seemed to value discretion when it came to her private matters.

The news of Jurado’s passing was not formally announced but instead shared by Nava across his social media platforms.

Her choice to keep her family history and other personal details obscure means there is scarce verifiable information traceable about her life and relatives.

The limited insights point to Mariana intentionally guarding her privacy even in death, with Nava’s social media the sole source of confirmation of her untimely passing from cancer.

Furthermore, the beloved ex-wife of Juan Carlos Nava was an innocent and kind individual who lost her life while battling cancer. 

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Mariana Jurado Causa De Muerte

Juan Carlos “Borrego” Nava endured profound grief in 2021 when his ex-wife and mother of his first child, Mariana Jurado, passed from bladder cancer.

Her death shocked Nava tremendously, as she remained an important figure in his life despite their divorce.

According to sources, Mariana had been diagnosed with bladder cancer a year before her tragic passing.

Juan Carlos Nava Esposa
Juan Carlos Nava and Mariana’s son Mariano Carlos Nava (Source: La Verdad Noticias)

She had been undergoing chemotherapy treatment, a challenging process Nava supported her through as they formed a close friendship post-divorce.

Although their marriage had ended, Carlos stayed connected to Mariana and was deeply affected by her terminal cancer battle.

He remained dedicated to supporting her through her illness right up until her devastating death.

Jurado’s premature death from cancer was a harrowing event that Nava struggled to endure after extensive attempts to help her fight the disease.

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