Who Are Steve And Ellen Levin, Jennifer Levin Parents? Age Gap And Family

Jennifer Levin Parents

Netizens are interested in learning details about victim Jennifer Levin parents Steve and Ellen Levin. Keep reading to discover the lesser-known aspects of her family story.

Jennifer Levin was a victim, known for being a socially outgoing 18-year-old girl whose life tragically ended when she was killed by Robert Chambers in Central Park in 1986. The press dubbed this chilling case “The Preppy Murder.”

The incident spawned both a book, “Wasted: The Preppie Murder,” by Linda Wolfe, and the 1989 television movie “The Preppy Murder,” delving into the shocking details of the crime.

Levin’s killer was reportedly freed from jail in July 2023 after serving time for an additional drug and assault-related offense.

Chambers was initially jailed in the late 1980s for the murder of Levin, who was strangled to death. Similarly, Chambers was freed in 2003 after serving a maximum sentence of 15 years.

Jennifer’s killer was returned to jail in 2008 after being caught running cocaine and heroin operations out of his Manhattan flat.

The convicted murderer was sentenced to 19 years on drug and assault offenses and was released early on parole in July 2023.

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Who Are Steve And Ellen Levin, Jennifer Levin Parents? Age Gap

Jennifer Levin parents are Steve (father) and Ellen Levin (mother), to whom she was born on May 21, 1968.

Their daughter Jennifer was voted best-looking at Baldwin School in New York City, a recognition that made her feel proud and confident among her peers.

Earlier in the year, she was living with her beloved mother, Ellen. Later, she moved to live with her father, Steve, in SoHo.

Steve was an impressive individual, starting his career as a Manhattan commercial real estate developer before pursuing his passion as a surfer later in life.

Unfortunately, he passed away in August 2020 at the age of 78. The journey with Parkinson’s disease had been a long and challenging one for Steve. It was the complications of this illness that led to his passing.

Mr. Levin also spent a lot of time volunteering at Covenant House, a place that offers homeless and runaway young people a place to stay, food, medical assistance right away, and other resources.

Jennifer Levin Parents
The victim Jennifer Levin’s mom Ellen described her daughter as a responsible and ambitious person. (Image source: People)

He was born in Newton, Mass, on March 10, 1943. While for his other half, Ellen, her age details are not clear.

However, based on how they looked, it didn’t appear like there was a significant age gap between them.

Additionally, Jennifer Levin parents regarded her as a responsible individual who was ambitious, humorous, devoted, and down to earth. She also drank little and never used drugs.

Ellen once believed her child could make others smile just by entering a room. She described her child as having an abundance of vitality and brightness.

Ellen had a profound bond with her daughter, and they were very close to each other.

After Jennifer’s tragic demise, Ellen fought for her child’s rights with unwavering determination.

Her efforts resulted in the rape shield law now on the books in New York, offering better protection to victims and preventing their past sexual histories from being used against them in court.

Furthermore, Ellen’s advocacy also secured the right for victims to speak openly in court and have a voice during parole hearings, ensuring their experiences were heard and considered in the pursuit of justice.

Jennifer Levin Family

Jennifer Levin’s family was deeply devastated following her death as they mourned the loss of their beloved daughter and sister.

The tearful parents and grandparents of Jennifer Levin, who was then a teenage girl, gathered in Central Park to light candles in her memory during a touching vigil for crime victims.

Levin’s father, mother, stepmother, sister and brother-in-law, grandparents, and uncle were among the more than 500 relatives of crime victims who attended the emotional ceremony.

Jennifer Levin Parents
Jennifer Levin’s family and relatives were devastated following her untimely demise. (Image source: Murderpedia.org)

Apart from her family, Jennifer cherished two best friends, Jessica and Peter, who had become like an extension of her own family, and they deeply felt her absence when she was gone.

The bond between the three was powerful, and they shared an unbreakable friendship.

Their conversations were filled with laughter, jokes, and heartwarming stories, and they had a unique code word, “snausages,” which they would randomly use to bring instant smiles to one another’s faces.

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