Who Is Steven Rios Son? Wife Family And Case Details

Steven Rios Son

People are trying to get more information about Steven Rios Son.  Steven was a former police officer at the Columbia Police Department who was charged with the murder of Jesse Valencia.

Rios was charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action in 2005 due to hearsay evidence, but the case was dismissed, and he was convicted of second-degree murder and armed criminal action in 2008.

The ex-officer was sentenced to life in prison in 2008 by the court for the murder he committed.

Who is Steven Rios Son and Family

Steven has stated that he was the father of a son Grayson who was only months old at the time of the incident. Now, he is probably in his teenage as of today.

He didn’t share much information because it may have caused security problems for his child after his incident. This shows how caring and responsible a father he is.

Steven Rios Son
Prior to Jesse’s death, she was having an affair with married police officer Steven Rios ( Source: The US Sun)

The ex-police officer’s parents’ information was not shared, but he has John and Suzzane Sullivan who are his Father and mother-in-law.

The in-laws confirmed that they had forgiven Rios for cheating on their daughter.

They also claim that the officer was innocent and said,” He hurt our daughter. He hurt our family. There have been some serious rifts in our family, perhaps some of which are still there. But as we went through the trail with the evidence presented…. he didn’t do it.”

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Who is Steven Rios Wife

Rios was married to Libby, and it’s pretty unclear who fell for whom first, but sadly they got divorced.

The reason for them to be separated can most probably be Rois’s affair with Jesse Valencia whom he murders later.

Steven Rios Son
Steven Rios Ex wife Libby.( Source: The cinema holic)

According to sources, they had been married for around two years, and they even had a son who was months old at the time of the murder.

Similarly, they stated that they planned to raise their child in their middle-class, comfortable household but everything went south for the Columbian officer.

She said in an interview with KOMU,” There’s an awful lot of people who cheat on their spouse every day. That doesn’t;t mean they’re capable of murder. It doesn’t mean they should have their lives taken away from them.”

Steven Rios Case Details

In the summer of 2004 in Columbia a murder was committed in the town.

Jesse Valencia a MU student was found dead on Wilson Ave in the early morning of June 5, 2004. He was choked, and his throat was slit.

Columbian cops discovered that one of their officers Steven Rios was having a sexual affair with Jesse. After the officers knew about his case, Rios threatened to jump off the Maryland Avenue parking garage.

Steven Rios Son
Steven Rios at the court for trial and testimony. (Source Youtube)

The Columbia Police Department said,” We’re saying, ‘If you’re not guilty of this, why are you reacting in such a way? It caused us to re-evaluate his involvement in it. We began to feel like he was reacting that way because he knew he had done something he could not undo.”

The police did not suspect him, but this changed when DNA evidence came in, and the DNA from under one of Jesse’s fingernails matched with RIos. Then he was arrested on July 1, 2004.

In addition, CPD Detective John Short said,” There was evidence that led us to believe he was it. Nobody else, we followed the path that the evidence and statements took us, We didn’t dictate that path.”

Finally, in 2005 he was charged with First-degree murder and armed criminal action, but the court dismissed the sentence due to hearsay evidence.

But he was finally given life in sentence punishment by the court with the charge of second-degree murder and armed criminal action in 2008.

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