Who Is Roy Mcgrath Wife Laura Bruner? Family Children And Age Gap

Roy Mcgrath

The netizens wonder about Roy Mcgrath wife and her further details. Roy Mcgrath is the former chief of staff for ex-Governer Larry Hogan.

On Tuesday morning, a team of law enforcement officers was spotted outside Roy’s Florida residence.

Mcgrath is currently considered a fugitive as he did not appear for his federal fraud trial in Baltimore on Monday.

According to Mcgrath’s attorney, Joseph Murth, enforcement officials also interrogated Mcgrath’s wife, Laura E. Bruner.

Murtha stated that Bruner is assisting with the investigation and informed authorities that she is unaware of McGrath’s location.

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Who Is Roy Mcgrath Wife Laura Bruner? 

Everybody including the viewers is eager to know the detailed information about Roy Mcgrath wife.

The wife of Roy, now a wanted fugitive and former chief of staff for former Gov. Larry Hogan, is cooperating with law enforcement as the manhunt continues after Mcgrath failed to appear for his federal fraud trial in Baltimore.

The U.S. Marshals Service issued a wanted poster for Roy Tuesday afternoon, and sources tell FOX 45 News the search for Mcgrath is now a multi-state, multi-agency effort with FBI agents also involved in the investigation.

Roy Mcgrath wife
Where is Roy McGrath? Here’s the latest on what we know (Source: The Baltimore Banner)

He was expected to travel from his residence in Florida to Baltimore for his federal trial on Monday morning, but he failed to show up for a meeting with his lawyer, Joseph Murtha, on Sunday and did not respond to any calls or messages.

Murtha had spoken to Mcgrath on Sunday afternoon and was not aware of any problems at the time.

On Monday, Murtha expressed his hope that Roy was safe and acknowledged that the stress of going to trial could cause individuals to behave in unexpected ways.

Meanwhile, local law enforcement officials in Florida conducted a wellness check at Mcgrath’s home on Monday but did not find him there.

Further details about Roy Mcgrath wife Laura Bruner are not made public as she has not revealed any details about her to the media.

Roy Mcgrath family and children

The details about Roy’s family and children are not available at the time as they are kept hidden from the media.

As per the sources, Roy had held positions in the Maryland government, including CEO of the Maryland Environment Service, senior advisor to the governor, deputy chief of staff, and liaison to the Maryland Board of Public Works.

He had also served as a member of Governor Hogan’s Coronavirus Response Team before his appointment as chief of staff.

Roy Mcgrath
Ex-Hogan chief of staff dies after confrontation with FBI, attorneys say (Source: CNN)

In October 2021, he was charged with wire fraud for allegedly defrauding the Maryland Environmental Service (MES) agency out of almost $280,000 in fraudulent payments before joining the governor’s office.

He was going to face multiple charges, including five counts of wire fraud, two counts of theft, and one count of falsifying a document.

Once there is an update about Roy Mcgrath’s family and children’s details, we will include them in this article.

Roy Mcgrath and Laura Bruner age gap.

The exact age gap between Roy and Burner is not available as of today because they have never revealed their age on any sites.

There has been speculation about the identity of the author of a supposed tell-all book, titled “Betrayed: The True Story of Roy Mcgrath,” which has climbed one of Amazon’s bestseller lists.

This speculation includes Laura Bruner, Roy’s wife. However, Bruner’s lawyer, William Brennan, has stated that she doesn’t know Ryan C. Cooper, the author of the book, and has never met him.

Roy Mcgrath
FBI raids ex-Hogan adviser Roy McGrath’s Florida home as ‘fugitive’ search proceeds (Source: CBS News)

Ryan C. Cooper, the alleged author of the book, has claimed that Laura Bruner knew of his supposed collaboration with Roy McGrath over the past few months.

Cooper also stated that he self-published the digital book on Amazon after Roy went missing during the trial on fraud charges.

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