Who Is Omar Berrada Wife Angela Valtueña? Married Life And Kids

Omar Berrada Wife

Angela also known as Omar Berrada Wife has carved out her successful career as Omar serves as the Chief Football Operations Officer of Manchester City. Delve into details on their married life and kids. 

Born in Paris to parents of Moroccan descent, Berrada spent his formative years in the United States after his family relocated there when he was young.

However, he returned to Europe at the age of 18, dropping out of university across the Atlantic.

Seeking to reignite his education, Berrada enrolled at EU Business School, where he successfully graduated with a degree in Business Administration.

His big break in the world of football came in 2004 when he was appointed Head of Sponsorship at the renowned club Barcelona.

Spending almost eight years overseeing partnerships and sponsorship deals at one of the most iconic sports teams on the planet, Berrada garnered substantial experience.

Who Is Omar Berrada Wife Angela Valtueña?

Angela Valtueña is the accomplished wife of Manchester City’s Chief Operating Officer Omar Berrada.

Armed with a degree in technology, Valtueña embarked on her career in the IT sector before pivoting into change management.

She obtained a Master’s degree specifically centered around organizational change processes and transformation programs.

This allowed her to take up senior managerial roles in notable companies managing substantial reform initiatives.

For instance, Valtueña served on the board of the British Post Office where she spearheaded major change schemes.

She later assumed a directorship of a medium-sized service company, structuring significant expansion efforts to spur its growth.

Through these varied positions across industries, Valtueña demonstrated adaptable leadership talents, strategic planning skills, and a committed work ethic.

Her technical background combined with expertise in executing organizational overhauls has made her contributions invaluable.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Valtueña has also built a family with Berrada, supporting her husband’s ascent in European football management circles.

Her well-rounded success is a testament to her constant development.

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Omar Berrada Married Life

Omar Berrada and his wife Angela Valtueña epitomize a heartwarming love story that blossomed against the romantic backdrop of Barcelona’s dazzling setting.

Having independently moved to the Spanish city to further their studies and careers, they organically found companionship through shared life experiences in the culturally jeweled streets.

Omar Berrada Wife
Since arriving at the Etihad Stadium, Berrada has steadily climbed the corporate ladder. (source: sportsknot)

What began as a thoughtful friendship, cultivated by mutual interests and respect, gradually developed into a profound romantic connection as their bond intensified over time.

After several years of nurturing an unbreakable relationship, Berrada and Valtueña decided to dedicate their lives to one another, tying the knot in 2009.

Despite undertaking demanding professional endeavors, they have prioritized caring for their marriage.

Their journey stands as an inspiration, demonstrating that with mutual understanding and effort, a loving commitment can flourish in tandem with pursuing ambitious goals.

Over a decade later, as parents and partners, Berrada and Valtueña continue to support each other through new adventures

Omar Berrada Kids

Omar Berrada and his wife Angela are proud parents to two children – a son born in 2010 and a daughter born in 2012.

Well-protected from public glare, specific details on Berrada’s children understandably remain private.

Omar Berrada Wife
Omar Berrada pictured with his family. (source: newsunzip)

However, glimpses into their upbringing reveal doting parents who have raised their kids in a nourishing environment balanced between professional purpose and dedicated family care.

Growing up with parents prominently embedded within sports management sphered and global business landscapes, Berrada’s children benefit from diverse cultural exposure and experiences.

Yet, their parents have worked hard to provide stability and enrich their development.

Despite the immense demands of Berrada’s directing role, where he oversees operations of a mega football club in Manchester City, he and his wife Angela have organized their priorities around family.

This enables their son and daughter to be raised with core values of love, respect, and support.

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