Who Is Michelle Troconis Daughter? Husband And Married Life

Michelle Troconis Daughter

Michelle Troconis is a multilingual professional with experience across various industries, including hospitality, marketing, public relations, and equestrian sports.

She strives to nurture her daughter Nicole and ensure her well-being, even though they do not live together.

Explore Michelle Troconis daughter’s life, which is affected by a mother’s controversial actions.

She worked for 9 years as Marketing Director for the Cerro Castor ski resort in Argentina, overseeing promotion for the venue that hosted the 2012 Freestyle Skiing World Cup.

Troconis also spent time in the Middle East, securing a public relations role for a polo club in Abu Dhabi and working as a therapeutic horseback riding tutor in Dubai.

Additionally, she has retail business experience from her time in Argentina.

Since 2015, Troconis has been the Event Director at Outsourced Marketing Group.

Her diverse international career reflects her adaptability and broad skill set, from marketing and public relations to hospitality and equestrian sports.

Troconis leverages her multilingual background to excel across these varied roles.

Her wide-ranging expertise and global perspective make Troconis a dynamic professional able to take on challenges in many business arenas successfully.

Who Is Michelle Troconis Daughter?

Michelle Troconis has a daughter named Nicole from a previous relationship with Gaston Begue, Troconis’ former boss.

Nicole was born in 2006 after a trip Troconis took to Florida with Begue while she was working at his Miami Beach restaurant.

Michelle Troconis Daughter
During the interrogation, Michelle claimed she knew nothing about the whereabouts or what happened to Jennifer Dulos. (source: cbsnews)

Despite no longer being with Nicole’s father, Troconis has prioritized her daughter amidst the controversies in her own life.

Nicole lives with her grandparents and is kept out of the media spotlight by her mother for protection, given her young age.

There is little public information available about Nicole to maintain her privacy.

Being a mother has been central to Troconis’ identity, beyond the headlines about her career and legal troubles.

She continues to make personal sacrifices to shelter Nicole from intense scrutiny.

Troconis’ devotion to her daughter’s welfare reflects her commitment to responsible parenting despite complicated circumstances.

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Michelle Troconis Husband and Married Life

Michelle Troconis was romantically involved with Fotis Dulos, the estranged husband of Jennifer Dulos, who went missing in 2019 and is presumed dead.

Fotis Dulos was a luxury home builder originally from Greece.

He and Troconis were in a relationship while he was separated from Jennifer.

Michelle Troconis Daughter
Michelle Troconis pictured with Fotis Dulos. (source: cbsnews)

In 2019, Fotis Dulos was charged with Jennifer’s murder, although he maintained his innocence.

Troconis was also arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder, tampering with evidence, and hindering prosecution of the case. Both Fotis and Troconis pleaded not guilty.

In 2020, Fotis died by suicide before standing trial. The controversial case and Troconis’s connection to Fotis Dulos brought intense public scrutiny to her.

While never married, Troconis’ relationship with Fotis Dulos linked her to the disappearance and presumed murder of Jennifer Dulos in the eyes of the public.

The case remains unresolved legally, leaving many questions about what happened.

Michelle Troconis family

Michelle Troconis comes from a supportive family that has stood by her side amidst her legal troubles.

Her father is Dr. Enrique Troconis, a renowned pediatric cardiac specialist who has practiced medicine in the U.S., Italy, the Dominican Republic, and their native Venezuela.

Dr. Troconis publicly expressed his steadfast belief in his daughter’s innocence, calling the ordeal a “nightmare” for their family.

Michelle’s sisters, Claudia Troconis-Marmol and Marisela Troconis, have also vocally defended their sister.

They described Michelle as a fantastic human being, a loving mother, and a caring sister.

Her sisters believed that justice would prevail in light of Michelle’s innocence.

Despite the controversies surrounding Michelle, her family has provided her strength and comfort.

Their unconditional love and advocacy highlight Michelle’s close familial bonds with her parents and sisters.

The Troconis family firmly maintains Michelle’s good character as a mother, sister, and daughter, standing united behind her through her legal challenges.

Their support reflects an unshakeable belief in her virtue.

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