Who Is Karina Gomes, Leandro Hassum Esposa (Wife)? Relationship Timeline

Leandro Hassum Esposa

Who Is Leandro Hassum Esposa? Leandro has been happily married to Karina Gomes since 1997. The couple has been together for over a decade, proving their love and trust every year and many more.

Leandro Hassum Moreira is known as Leandro Hassum. He is a multitalented Brazilian entertainer with a diverse acting, comedy, writing, and film production career.

His work in the entertainment industry has made him a well-known figure in Brazil. One of his notable roles was portraying Jorginho in the popular Brazilian”comedy show””Zorra Total”” 

These allowed the actor to show his comedic talents. Also, Leandro gained recognition among audiences for his humor and acting.

In 2012, Leandro Hassum had a significant breakthrough in his career with the fi”m franchise “Ate que Sorte os separate.”

Remarkably, This movie series achieved success, earning an impressive 320,000 on its opening weekend at the box office.

His popularity of his Film “Ate que Sorte nos Separate” led to the production of two other sequels. 

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Who Is Leandro Hassum Esposa?

Leandro Hassum Esposa is the lovely Karina Gomes. They have been married since 1997,, which exeeds their conjugal relationship more than a decade.

Leandro Hassum Esposa
Leandro Hassum has been married to Karina Hassan since 1997. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, the couple share a daughter named Pietra Hassum. While Leandro is active on Instagram, he usually keeps his personal and romantic life private.

Karina Gomes has been a doting and loving wife of Leandron Hassum. Additionally, Leandro Hassum Esposa is a caring and affectionate mother of Pietra.

A star, Leandro took it to his social media to celebrate his wife KarinKarina’s birthday. They have been together for more than 25 years.

In his Instagram post, Hassum expressed his love and admiration for Katrina. He described his partner as a wonderful woman, mother, friend, advisor, and more.

Leandro also playfully mentioned that people often say she looks like their daughter. HassuHassum’stfelt message on Karinon Karina’shday makes us envy their relationship.

Mrs. Hassum always posts cute and lovely pictures with Leandro Hassum. They always stick together and travel to beautiful places.

From the post on the Instagram, It is known the duo shares a close-knit bond. They are happily spending their time together.

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Leandro Hassum Relationship Timeline

Leandro Hassum is known for his private nature. Moreover, The entertainer has managed to keep the details of his past relationship relatively concealed.

Leandro Hassum Esposa
Leandro Hassum has been married to Karina Gomes for over 25 years. (Source: Getty Images)

Before marrying his wife Karina Gomes in 1997, it is possible that he had a few prior relationships, as most people do.

However, Leandro Hassum has not publicly shared much about his romantic history. Despite his fame and active presence, Hassum is discreet regarding his personal life.

The comedian values his privacy and keeps it separate from his public persona as an actor and comedian.

Now happily married to Karina Gomes for over 25 years, the couple shares a daughter. Furthermore, they have built a life together and celebrating their relationship.

Sometimes, Leandro has expressed his love for his loved one publicly. This shows that he meticulously filters out the content he shares with the public.

Regardless of that, his relationship with Karina Gomes can be seen as a successful marriage. They are the ideal couple in the entertainment industry.

Leandro has been in the entertainment industry for more than decades. He has gained lots of love from fans.

Also, Leandro Hassum has over 1.5 million followers on his Instagram account. This proves his influence on the audience.

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