Mathe wa Ngara Arrested: 54-Year-Old’s Arrest Charges Trial And Verdict

Mathe wa Ngara Arresyed

Mathe wa Ngara arrested: The events surrounding the 54-year-old woman’s arrest, charges, trial, and verdict reveal an interesting and complicated story that has gained much public attention.

Mathe wa Ngara, whose real name is Teresiah Wanjiru, is a 54-year-old woman infamous in Nairobi, Kenya, as an alleged major drug dealer in Ngara.

Though her identity was unknown, she earned the nickname “Mathe wa Ngara,” meaning “Mother of Ngara,” for her supposed dominant role as a narcotics supplier.

Over the years, Mathewa Ngara built a notorious reputation among residents as an elusive kingpin who evaded law enforcement for decades while building a thriving drug empire.

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Mathe wa Ngara Arrested

After years of living as a fugitive, Mathe wa Ngara’s luck finally ran out on August 15, 2023, when authorities caught up to her.

In a well-coordinated sting operation by the Anti-Narcotics Unit and Transnational Organised Crime Unit, Teresiah was apprehended in the Kariua slums located in Ngara.

The 54-year-old had been under surveillance for some time and was arrested along with three teenage boys aged 16–17 suspected of being part of her drug network.

Mathe wa Ngara Arrested
The term “Mathe wa Ngara Arrested” news is currently a hot topic on the internet. (Source: tuko)

Authorities seized over 26 bags of marijuana, four cartons of rolling papers, 173 packs of cannabis-laced sweets, and cookies during the raid at her base of operations.

Additionally, over KES 13 million in cash allegedly proceeds from the drug business was confiscated from her residence.

The “Mathe wa Ngara arrested” news became a major breakthrough for law enforcement, which had struggled for years to restrain her thriving drug empire in Ngara.

Mathe wa Ngara: 54-Year-Old Arrest & Charges

Following her high-profile arrest, Teresiah was in custody alongside her three teenage accomplices, marking a significant turn of events.

The elusive figure known as the “Mother of Ngara” has been positively identified.

At 54 years old, she was confronted with a range of serious charges tied to the intricate web of drug trafficking and money laundering. The charges against her were very specific.

Mathe wa Ngara Arrested
Following the discovery of 26 bags of marijuana and more than Sh12 million in Ngara, the DCI posted a collage of images. (Source:

They included possession of narcotics for distribution, illegal narcotics trade, operating a drug den, running a drug syndicate with minors, and money laundering.

The weight of evidence amassed during investigations pointed to Mathew wa Ngaras’ central role within Nairobi’s clandestine drug underworld.

The prosecution, bolstered by substantial proof, exhibited a confident stance.

They believed that the litany of charges against this notorious kingpin would resonate powerfully in light of her prolonged period of unchecked impunity.

Mathe wa Ngara Verdict

On August 16, 2023, Teresiah and her three co-accused appeared before a Nairobi court to answer the charges.

After assessing the evidence presented by law enforcement, the magistrate ruled that prosecutors had demonstrated reasonable cause to prosecute her on the drug and money laundering charges.

Though she maintained her innocence, the court determined she had a case to answer. Bail was denied and ordered to be held in custody pending a full trial.

Mathe wa Ngara Arrested
Mixed reactions after police arrest alleged ‘Mathe wa Ngara’ (Source: tuko)

Wanjiru evaded any accountability for her alleged drug crimes for years but now finally faces justice thanks to the authorities’ captive operation.

Many in Ngara expressed relief that their neighborhood could be freed from the grip of her notorious drug enterprise.

The full trial of Mathew wa Ngara on drug trafficking and money laundering charges is expected to begin by the end of August 2023.

Kenyan authorities are confident the wealth of evidence against the elusive kingpin will lead to a conviction that will end her long career as an alleged drug queen pin.

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