Who Is Justin Kirkland Wife Madison Welch? Married Life And Family

Justin Kirkland Wife

Madison Welch is yet to be called Justin Kirkland’s Wife, as they have not officially tied the knot. The couple will celebrate their 10th anniversary on January 29, 2024.

A prominent ice hockey player, Justin Kirkland has left an indelible mark on the sport with a career spanning various teams and leagues.

His journey through the Kelowna Rockets, Notre Dame Hounds, and subsequent forays into the Milwaukee Admirals, Cincinnati Cyclones, and Stockton Heat reflects his adaptability across various teams and leagues.

This extensive experience within the Western Hockey League (WHL), American Hockey League (AHL), and East Coast Hockey League (ECHL) underscores Kirkland’s versatility.

It demonstrated prowess within the realm of professional ice hockey.

The pinnacle of his early career came with his 2014 NHL Entry Draft selection by the Nashville Predators, positioning him 58th overall.

A significant move in 2023 saw Kirkland signing a one-year contract with the Arizona Coyotes, showcasing his continued commitment to the game.

Renowned for his skills as a left-winger, Kirkland’s ability to create scoring opportunities and dominate opponents has solidified his reputation as a formidable force in professional ice hockey.

Who Is Justin Kirkland Wife Madison Welch?

Madison Welch, born on August 27, 1989, in Solihull, England, is a prominent English glamour model celebrated for her captivating presence in notable publications such as FHM and Zoo Weekly.

Additionally, she garnered attention for her television roles on well-loved shows like Top Gear and Russell Howard’s Good News.

Justin Kirkland Wife
Justin Kirkland proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Madison, in 2019. (source: Instagram)

In 2008, Welch’s career took a significant turn when she was crowned UK Cyber Girl, setting the stage for her success.

She later ventured into acting, debuting in the 2011 fantasy comedy Your Highness, sharing the screen with renowned actors like Danny McBride, James Franco, and Natalie Portman.

Besides her professional endeavors, Welch has garnered attention for her relationship with Canadian professional ice hockey player Justin Kirkland.

The details of their connection and the dynamics of their relationship contribute to the public interest surrounding Madison Welch’s personal life.

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Justin Kirkland Married Life

There is no confirmation regarding Justin Kirkland’s married life.

While the Canadian professional ice hockey player has been in a relationship with Madison Welch, a renowned English glamour model, there is no conclusive evidence to suggest that they are married.

Justin Kirkland Wife
Justin Kirkland and his girlfriend Madison are happy and affectionate toward each other. (source: Instagram)

The couple has shared various photos on social media platforms, providing glimpses of their experiences and moments.

Madison Welch’s social media accounts often showcase her connection with Justin Kirkland.

Still, the specific nature of their relationship, whether they are married or not, remains undisclosed in the public domain.

The couple’s status is a committed relationship, but further details about potential marriage are unavailable.

Justin Kirkland Family

Justin Kirkland’s family details, including information about his parents and siblings, remain private, with limited public disclosure.

However, there are references to the crucial support he has received from his family during challenging periods, emphasizing their importance in his life.

In an article, mentioning “Madison, his family, and his friends” signifies the collective support network contributing to his well-being.

Justin acknowledged reflecting on life’s priorities and the invaluable backing his family and friends provided.

Following an unfortunate car accident in January 2023, where Justin Kirkland sustained injuries en route to a game against Boston, Madison played a significant role in his recovery.

Her unwavering presence and care contributed to his speedy recovery, reassuring fans with positive updates during a challenging time.

The couple’s bond reflects a shared journey of love, support, and positivity, creating a narrative of resilience amid life’s uncertainties.

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