Amit Dhariwal Viral Video And Scandal: What Is The Story Of Shanti Dhariwal Son?

Amit Dhariwal Viral Video

Amidst the whirlwind of rumors and speculations, Amit Dhariwal viral video and scandal have captivated the public’s attention, shedding light on the political complexities in the limelight.

Amit Dhariwal came to public attention for his political career. Also, many recognize him for being Shanti Kumar Dhariwal’s son.

Shanti Kumar Dhariwal is a famous Indian politician. Likewise, he is a former Cabinet minister in Ashok Gehlot ministry.

Moreover, he served as a member of the 11th, 13th, 15th, and 16th Legislative Assembly of Rajasthan.

Additionally, the politician served as a Member of Parliament of Kota from 1984 to 1989. As of now, he represents Kota North (Assembly constituency) as an Indian National Congress member.

In 2023, the Congress member defeated Prahlad Gunjal of BJP by a decent 2486 margin to retain the Kota North sea.

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Amit Dhariwal Viral Video And Scandal 

Amit Dhariwal, an emerging politician and Shanti Dhariwal’s son, has found himself in the midst of several scandals and controversies recently.

A viral video in which a woman returning money to a politician has attracted the attention of the Indian public. Moreover, Mr. Dhariwal went to a political campaign in Kota, India. 

Amit Dhariwal Viral Video update
Amit Dhariwal Viral Video: The politician attends a public event. (Source: YouTube)

These incidents have captured the attention of Indian media and his supporters. The notable controversy revolved around the downfall of the political party in the area.

Likewise, the negative influence may have fueled speculation and gossip.

Another controversy surrounded an alleged drama involving the politician. It highlights the power of social media platforms in perpetuating political parties and their members.

Citizens and common people often engage in discussions and speculations on such platforms, amplifying any minor incident into a full-blown scandal.

Emerging politicians like Dhariwal are no strangers to controversies, but the real impact and truth behind these incidents can vary significantly from the public’s perception.

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What Is The Story Of Shanti Dhariwal Son?

Likewise, over a 2-minute clip in which the woman is seen and heard condemning the UDH minister and Congress candidate from Kota North, Shanti Dhariwal. 

Reportedly, the incident saw the woman returning money to him during his poll campaign, and the story went, making its way to the Prime Minister’s public rally in Kota.

Moreover, the PM publicly thanked the woman and her daughter for rejecting the alleged offer or bribe. Also, he alleged Dhariwal had tried to purchase votes with the money.

However, a 30-second video clip of the same woman surfaced on social media in which, she claimed that the money she returned to Dhariwal was not meant for buying her vote but rather for temple construction. 

Amit Dhariwal Viral Video news
Amit Dhariwal Viral Video: The politician demonstrates protests against the opposition in Rajasthan. (Source: YouTube)

In the 30-second close-up clip, the woman is heard saying to the politician:

This 25,000 (INR) was given to us by bhaiya (Dhariwal’s son Amit Dhariwal). The cash was meant to purchase idols for the temple, which cost 50 thousand but they gave us 25,000 while additional money were not provided.

The clip was reported to be of the Kunhari area in the Kota North assembly constituency. Reportedly, Dhariwal also campaigned there with his supporters.

A temple is also visible in the clip on the street where the woman along with her group came out and attempted to hand over a pack of currency bundles that she was clutching in her fist to Dhariwal.

Also, Dhariwal’s aides stepped in between the woman and the minister and requested people on a rooftop to stop making a video of the incident. 

The viral clip was then referred to by the Prime Minister during his address at a public rally in Kota. Also, he lashed out at the state Congress. The PM addressed: 

The tainted minister’s another deed that all the citizens have been watching.

I would also like to publicly applaud the woman not only for rejecting the money but also for giving a befitting reply to the minister (taunting) and his entourage.

Also, a few Indian media outlets contacted Dhariwal’s representative wing for comment regarding the viral video. However, eh representatives have refused to make any statement as of this writing.

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