Who Is Jia Morado Husband Miguel De Guzman? Married Life And Kids

Jia Morado Husband

Jia Morado Husband, Miguel De Guzman, is a businessman and a former baseball player. Let’s learn about their married life and kids via this article.

Jia Morado, a known and highly respected figure in Filipino volleyball, has impacted the sport with her skills and strong leadership.

She gained recognition as a member of the Ateneo Lady Eagles, where she showcased her abilities and unwavering dedication.

Notably, she served as the team captain during the UAAP Season 79 Women’s Volleyball tournament, demonstrating her role in leading the team to success.

Morados influence extended beyond her university career to the stage.

Her inclusion in the Philippines Womens National Volleyball Team in 2018 highlighted her talent and commitment to representing her country at the level.

Jia Morados’s journey toward excellence began when she showcased her skills at the 2012 Palarong Pambansa.

Leading the NCR Team to a championship victory, she earned recognition as the Best Setter solidifying her reputation as an emerging star.

Her pivotal role as a setter in competitions like the 2015 Asian Womens U23 Volleyball Championship and the 2015 Southeast Asian Games demonstrated her indispensability on the court.

Furthermore, she captained the Ateneo Lady Eagles during UAAP Season 79, providing guidance and determination to lead her team toward success.

Who Is Jia Morado Husband Miguel De Guzman? 

Miguel De Guzman is known as the loving spouse of Jia Morado, a regarded volleyball player from the Philippines.

Their beautiful love story has captivated individuals representing a tale of commitment amidst schedules and demanding careers.

Jia Morado Husband
Jia Morado husband is Miguel De Guzman. (source: gmanetwork)

The excitement surrounding Jia Morado and Miguel De Guzmans wedding was tangible for their followers.

After nurturing their relationship for six years, they officially tied the knot on November 11, 2021, in a cherished ceremony affectionately called the “JiaGuel1111” wedding.

The event brought together their knit circle of family and dear friends creating an atmosphere filled with love and celebration.

Jia Morado shared her emotions towards her husband through an Instagram post beautifully conveying her affection.

Accompanying her words was an image of the couple walking hand in hand down the aisle.

While they chose to keep their wedding private, glimpses into this occasion were shared by attendees and fans on media through photos and videos.

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Jia Morado married life and kids 

The beautiful union between Jia Morado and Miguel De Guzman serves as a reminder of the strength of love and the significance of finding a soulmate.

Their wedding was a captivating celebration of affection, bringing together their loved ones and radiating their connection.

Jia Morado Husband
Jia Morado has made quite a name in Filipino volleyball. (source: facebook)

As they embark on this journey, we send them our wishes for a joy-filled life.

As of August 2023, there is no information about the couple’s plans for parenthood.

Whether they have children, while Miguel De Guzman is a father to his son Andrei from a relationship, it is unclear if Jia Morado has any intentions regarding motherhood.

Andreis accomplishments, such as making it to the honor roll, highlight his achievements and potential.

The couple’s commitment to maintaining the privacy of their loved ones is evident in how little information’s known about Andrei’s life.

With more than a year into their marriage as of August 2023, this represents a new chapter in their shared journey.

We eagerly look forward to witnessing their partnership grow personally and through the experiences that life has in store for them.

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