Brody Mihocek Injury Update – What Happened To His Finger? Health Update And Family

People on the internet are curious to know more about Brody Mihocek injury update. This article will provide insight on his health update and family.

Australian Football League (AFL) player Brody Mihocek competes in the sport for the Collingwood Football Club.

The athlete represented Tasmania in the 2011 AFL Under-18 Championships, in which Tasmania won Division 2, and was chosen to play center half-back for the 2011 Under-18 All-Australian squad.

While participating on the Werribee Development side, the player received the Player’s Player award in 2014.

In the AFL, the footballer generally takes the field as tall, marking the center half-forward, but if necessary, he may also play on a key forward in defense or play behind the ball to be an intercept player.

In addition, the AFL player can float onto the wing or half-forward side and play a link-up role to help move the ball forward.

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Brody Mihocek Injury Update – What Happened To His Finger?

The Australian Football League player dislocated his finger in Saturday’s match against Port Adelaide.

The player was subbed out of the game to prevent further injury. However, he went back to the game after fixing his dislocated finger.

Brody Mihocek injury
The Australian Football League player with his team mate Bobby Hill. (Source: Instagram)

It seems like it was not too serious, and the athlete was sporty enough to fix it and jump right back in the game.

But he needs to be more careful with the ball handling for the few games that are coming up soon. A future injury to the same hand may lead to some serious problems.

As per the sources, the footballer will not be taken off until Thursday’s captain’s run. He will be monitored by the trainers to perform well in a better position.

Brody Mihocek Health Update 

The health of the Australian Football League player is completely fine, as there have not been any critical health issues reported or recorded in the past few months.

The athlete did suffer from finger dislocation at the end of the match. He was quick enough to fix it with the help of medics on set and get back to the game.

Brody Mihocek
The Australian footballer Brody Mihocek. (Source: Instagram)

However, there have not been many updates about the player’s health as he is a private person and does not often share much about himself on social media platforms.

Moreover, the player is quite physically fit as he has been training for the game for quite a long time period other than the fan bevies that he has a well-maintained balance diet, he has excellent physics.

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Brody Mihocek Family

The Australian player was born on February 4, 1993, in Tasmania, Australia, to father Jack Mihocek and a mother whose name has not been revealed yet.

Jack, the father of the athlete, used to play Australian rules football for Essendon in the Victorian Football League (VFL).

Brody Mihocek
The Australian player enjoying time with his brothers at Las Vegas. (Source: Instagram)

However, there is not much information about the footballer’s mother, as he is quite private about his personal life and tends to keep it away from the social media platform.

The player has two brothers named Tyson Mihocek, and the other one’s name has not been made public yet as he does not have a social media account.

Furthermore, Tyson is married to Charlie Mihocek, and the other brother of the footballer is married to Jessie-Lee Mihocek.

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