Who Are Lynda and Jimmy Mulroy, Paris Fury Parents? Religion And Family Ethnicity

Paris Fury Parents

Paris Fury parents are Lynda Mulroy and Jimmy Mulroy. Paris Fury is known for her marriage to the famous boxer Tyson Fury.

Paris Fury is the lovely wife of the famous boxer Tyson Fury. She wrote her first book called “Love and Fury: The Magis and Mayhem Of Life With Tyson” in October 2021.

Her first book talks about her childhood, starting a family with Tyson, and the tough times they have faced together. She has portrayed her life journey in the book.

In May 2023, Paris announced her second book called “How Does Se Do It?”. This book will be available in stores on September 28.

In her second book “How Does She Do It?”, she shares how she manages her busy life with six kids while Tyson travels around the world for his boxing career.

Paris Fury is known for being a British Homemaker who married Tyson when she was 19. She is extremely famous on the internet with over 2 million followers on her Instagram.

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Who Are Lynda and Jimmy Mulroy, Paris Fury Parents?

Paris Fury Parents are her lovely mother Mrs. Lynda Mulroy and her supportive father Mr. Jimmy Mulroy. Paris along with her siblings grew up in Scotland.

Paris Fury parents
Paris Fury parents are Lynda and Jimmy Mulroy. (Source: Instagram)


The author, Paris comes from a family of Scottish roots. She has a close bond with her parents Lynda and Jimmy.

In THE Netflix series “Home with the Furys”, viewers can see Paris Fury’s parents helping out in their Morecambe mansion.

Paris’s mother Lynda had spent her early years touring America with her parents and seven siblings. Mrs. Lynda eventually met Paris’s dad Jimmy during their travel.

Paris Fury parents settled in Doncaster after expecting their first daughter, Romain. It looks like the Mulroy family is filled with affection and love.

Paris takes after her mother Lynda’s attitude of valuing her family nourishing her children and supporting her husband Tyson all the time.

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Paris Fury Religion: Is She Christian?

Paris Fury always takes pride in her Irish Heritage. She strongly identifies with and values her cultural background as an Irish Traveller.

Paris Fury Parents
Paris Fury is happily married to Tyson Fury, the heavyweight champion. (Source: Instagram)


Paris Fury attended catholic school during her childhood. However, she hasn’t revealed her religion openly in front of people. 

From her schooling, we can predict that she might be a Christian. Nevertheless, It cannot be confirmed until Paris herself verifies her religion.

Regardless of her religion, Paris Fury is happily married to Tyson Fury, the heavyweight boxing champion.

Paris has six kids and is a expecting seventh child with her husband. Furthermore, she revealed that she is worried about her boys getting into sports.

Paris is not a fan of watching Tyson Box. She can’t imagine how nerve-racking it would be to watch her children do it.

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Paris Fury Family Ethnicity

Paris Fury’s Family ethnicity is of Irish Traveller descent. Her family comes from Scotland and she has often expressed her pride with where she comes from.

Additionally, Paris actively speaks out about the importance of embracing and preserving her heritage.

One of the notable examples of her commitment is her celebration of ST. Patrick’s day with her family. This holiday holds significance in Irish Culture.

Paris’s participation demonstrates her dedication to keeping her cultural tradition alive within her family.

Paris is also passionate about passing down the values of her Irish Traveller heritage to her six children. 

It’s worth noting that her husband Tyson Fury similarly discusses his Irish Traveller Heritage and the challenges they faced.

This shows that cultural identity is extremely important to both Paris Fury and her husband Tyson Fury.

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