Who Are Jacky Oh Sister And Brother? Siblings Age And Height

Jacky Oh

People are interested in learning more about Jacky Oh sister and her other siblings. More information about her can be found in the article.

Jacky Oh, a talented actress, model, and television personality, gained recognition through her captivating appearances on the popular MTV show Wild ‘N Out.

She graced the screen during the show’s fifth season, leaving a lasting impression on viewers with her vibrant personality and undeniable charm.

She also worked as a realtor and launched the J Nova Collection lip gloss line. She also went on to appear in films such as House Party, which debuted in 2023 and starred Kid Cudi.

Tragically, on May 31, 2023, Jacky passed away at 32, sending shockwaves through the internet and causing grief.

The news of her untimely demise was initially reported by TMZ, revealing that she took her last breath in Miami. The actual cause of her death remains undisclosed.

In this challenging time, Oh’s friends and loved ones are consumed by sorrow as they mourn her loss. Notably, she shared a deep connection with her long-time partner, the talented entertainer DC Young Fly, whose heart must be heavy with grief.

Who Are Jacky Oh Sister And Brother? 

Jacky, a popular Wild ‘N Out contestant, is not an only child in her family. She has a sister; although her real name remains unknown, she has a social media handle with the name kbaby_.

The sibling duo frequently collaborates on creating engaging content for their YouTube channel. In addition, her sister has her own YouTube channel, boasting an impressive subscriber count of over 590 subscribers.

One notable event in their YouTube journey occurred in December 2019 when the sisters posted a captivating Q&A video on Jacky’s channel, providing an intimate glimpse into their lives.

Jacky Oh Sister
Jacky Oh sister: The sister duo made a Q and A video together. (Source: Youtube)

While Oh’s siblings include brothers, information about them remains unknown, as she has chosen not to reveal much about her family. Born in Oakland, California, she embraces her Brazilian heritage.

She hails from a mixed ethnic background, with a black father and a white mother. However, some people mistakenly perceive her as white due to her appearance and mixed ethnicity.

Jacky identifies as black, as she grew up primarily revealed to her father’s cultural influence. Interestingly, her nickname “Jacky Oh” was acquired by a college friend who playfully presented it to her. Therefore, it is essential to note that “Oh” is not her last name, contrary to popular belief.

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Jacky Oh Age And Height

The renowned TV personality Jacky was born in Oakland, CA on November 3, 1990. Unfortunately, her life was tragically cut short at the age of 32.

Her real name was Jaclyn Smith, was involved in a long-term relationship with DC Young Fly.

Their paths first crossed in 2015 when DC Young Fly made his debut on MTV’s popular show, “Wild ‘N Out.” Although they never tied the knot, their love survived, resulting in the joyous addition of three beautiful children to their family.

Nova and Nala are the proud daughters of Jacky and DC Young Fly, and they were recently gifted with the birth of their son, Prince.

Her partner, DC Young Fly, is a multi-talented artist, excelling as a rapper, comedian, and YouTube personality.

Jacky Oh
Jacky Oh is celebrating mother’s day with her family members (Source: Instagram)

Following her departure from “Wild ‘N Out,” Jacky pursued other entrepreneurial ventures.

She founded her lip gloss line and engaged in real estate transactions. On Mother’s Day, she took to Instagram to express her love for being a mother, stating, “I do a lot, but being a mommy is my favorite.”

The heartbreaking news of the model’s passing has sent shockwaves through her family, friends, and fans. At the tender age of 32, her untimely departure has left a void that many will deeply feel.

A spokesperson from BET Media Group confirmed the devastating news to PEOPLE, expressing their profound sadness over the loss of Jacklyn Smith, also known as Jacky Oh.

She was a cherished member of the “Wild ‘N Out” family, and her impact on the world will be forever treasured and missed.

Jacky Oh Wikipedia

Actress, model, and television personality Jacky Oh, whose real name was Jacklyn Smith, was a gifted and well-liked figure in the entertainment world.

She became well-known thanks to her appearances on the well-liked MTV program “Wild ‘N Out.” On November 3, 1990, she was born in Oakland, California.

She demonstrated her dedication to education with her work in entertainment by graduating from the University of California, Berkeley.

Her vibrant online presence demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit. She entered the real estate market in addition to launching her own line of lip gloss, the J Nova Collection.

Her dedication to her family and her entrepreneurial endeavors made her a source of inspiration for many.

Tragically, Jacky Oh’s life was cut short at the age of 32, leaving her fans and loved ones mourning her loss.

Jacky Oh, who is known for her roles as an Instagram star, actress, model, and television personality, has gained a significant net worth through her various ventures.

While the exact figure may vary her estimated net worth is to be around $1 million to $5 million.

Her rise to fame can be attributed to her stunning presence on social media platforms, where she has gained a substantial following.

Additionally, she ventured into the beauty industry by creating her J Nova Collection lip-gloss line, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit.

The line offers a range of popular lip glosses and other beauty products, further contributing to her net worth.

Nonetheless, her success and influence in various industries have undoubtedly contributed to her accumulated wealth and made her a recognized entertainment and social media figure.

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