Mikki Mase Parents: Meet Father Steven And Mother Leah Meiterman

Mikki Mase Parents

Mikki Mase is a self-proclaimed king of Baccarat and boasts a notorious reputation as one of the select few banned from every Las Vegas casino.

Once homeless, Mikki Mase rules Baccarat tables, turning $0 into $43.5 million.

His journey went from nothing to everything, from tattoos and construction gigs to the throne of wealth.

With an enigmatic online presence under “dirtygothboi,” he commands attention with 150 posts, a substantial following of 205 thousand, and a unique blend of interests.

Mase’s Instagram bio, proclaiming, “Mu Vegas, I like to gamble, hints at a life steeped in the high-stake world of gambling.

Beyond Instagram, Mase extends his reach through a YouTibe channel, offering a deeper dive into his life. His YouTube provides a glimpse of his life and passion.

Moreover, Mikki emerges as a captivating personality. His digital presence suggests a multifaceted individual who has a passion for gambling, addiction, and the gothic aesthetic.

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Meet Mikki Mase Parents

Mikki Mase’s parents are his father, Steven, and his mother, Leah Meiterman. His chaotic journey traces its roots to a challenging upbringing in New Jersey.

Mikki Mase Parents
Mikki Mase’s parents played critical roles in shaping his life. (Source: Reddit)

Raised by his father, a professional racer, Mase inherited a love for the adrenaline-fueled world of racing.

However, the family faced a darker side as his dad became entangled in organized crime, leading to a prison sentence that left the family in financial turmoil.

The absence of his father triggered a downward spiral for Mase. His mother struggled to provide stability, and Mase, grappling with the void, began rebelling.

Ditching school, engaging in troublesome behavior, and facing frequent suspensions marked his childhood.

Fueled by the void and seeking solace, Mase turned to drugs and alcohol.

In a desperate attempt to cope with financial strain, the gambler briefly descended into drug dealing. However, this choice led to his arrest and confinement in a jail cell.

Does Mikki Mase Have any Siblings?

Mikki Mase, a gambler’s story, is one of resilience and struggle, shaped by familiar challenges, the absence of a guiding figure, and the allure of substances.

The self-proclaimed King Of Baccarat has always been faithful to himself. He has shared several dark sides of his life, including engaging in drugs and alcohol.

Despite that, Mikki has never mentioned having any brothers or sisters. He shared his childhood and the story of his dad with the audience.

Nonetheless, Mase never mentioned anything about his siblings. It appears that he does not have any siblings.

Regardless, Mase has become one of the known personalities on the online platform. He is accustomed to various celebrities, including Drake.

Even if he does not have any real siblings, Mikki has several friends who are close to him, like his own brother.

Mikki Mase Net worth

Mikki Mase’s journey from homelessness to a staggering net worth of $43.5 million is evidence of resilience and strategic entrepreneurship.

Mikki Mase Parents
Mikki Mase is a millionaire. (Source: Instagram)

Emerging from adversity, the millionaire found a life when a friend offered him work at a tattoo shop in exchange for shelter.

However, his life changed when he ventured into construction, rapidly acquiring skills and excelling in the field.

A pivotal moment occurred when Mase secured a construction job at a rehabilitation center, resonating deeply with his journey as a recovering addict.

Recognizing the lucrative nature of the rehabilitation industry, he seized the opportunity, eventually establishing his rehabilitation center.

His entrepreneurial spirit drove expansion into clinics, pharmacies, and more, converting his income into the millions annually.

Gifted with a head for numbers, the entrepreneur navigated the business world, ultimately selling his empire for tens of millions. 

With newfound wealth, the business transitioned into the high-stake realm of Las Vegas casinos, solidifying his status as a prominent Baccarat player.

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