Who Are Faly Rakotohavana Parents? Ethnicity Girlfriend Age And Height

Faly Rakotohavana Parents

Fans have been curious about who Faly Rakotohavana parents are. Let us explore his family in the article below. Faly Rakotohavana is an American actor.

Fal Rakotohavana is a child actor best remembered for his Nickelodeon show “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn.” Despite making his acting debut only a few years ago, Faly Rakotohavana is well-known in the industry.

Fal has also played Miles on Raven’s Home and often appeared on the Fox sitcom The Mick.

 He has starred in a significant Disney series, and his popularity is only continuing to grow. He made his professional debut as an actor in 2016. Since his debut, Faly has already achieved much in the entertainment world. 

Faly Rakotohavana Parents – Who are they?

As of now, there is no public information about his parents. The name of his parents right now remains unknown. However, Fal has posted photos of his mother on Instagram.

Despite not sharing much information about his parents, Faly has expressed gratitude for their support and encouragement throughout his career.

Faly Rakotohavana
Faly Rakotohavana in the red carpet.  (Source: Icon Ink)

Rakotohavana also has two sisters, whose names are unknown and frequently appear on his Instagram. However, he has deactivated his Instagram account.

Faly Rakotohavana completed their high school studies with honors. Following that, Faly Rakotohavana completed his Bachelor degree at a U.S. state University.

Faly made his professional acting debut in the short film Delete that Post in 2016. He also made his debut as Ian in the film The A Girl. In 2018, the actor played Miles in the new spinoff show Raven’s Home. In addition, he also played Riley in the horror film Nightmare Cinema.

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What is Faly Rakotohavana Ethnicity? Revealed

Faly Rakotohavana is of Malagasy ethnicity. Faly has mentioned in interviews that his father is from Madagascar, and his mother is from Louisiana. Faly Rakotohavana was born on April 26th, 2003, in Antananarivo, Madagascar.

He lived in Madagascar for six years before moving to the U.S. This unique heritage has given Faly a diverse background, which has helped him stand out in the entertainment industry, which Faly is proud of.

His ethnicity has also made him a role model for many young people from diverse backgrounds, who look up to him as an inspiration.

Is Faly Rakotohavana in a relationship? Girlfriend Revealed

It is difficult to confirm if Faly is in a relationship right now as there is no information about his relationship status.

Faly has kept his personal life private and has not shared any details about his romantic relationships or dating history with the public. 

Faly Rakotohavana
Faly Rakotohavana in the Disney series Secret Society of Second-Born Royals. (Source: Entertainment Weekly)

Faly is focused on his career as an actor, and it seems he prefers to keep his personal life separate from his professional life.

Faly Rakotohavana Age and Height Revealed

Rakotohavana, born in 2003, is 19 years old as of 2023. While his exact height has not been revealed, online sources believe he is 5 feet 9 inches tall (175 cm).

He co-starred as Prince Matteo in Secret Society of Second-Born Royals, a contemporary science fantasy action superhero film, in 2020. His role as Miles in Raven’s Home made his breakthrough in his acting career and introduced him to Disney channel.

Rakotohavana always had a passion for acting, despite his bad stutter he joined the musical theatre at 6th grade to pursue his dream. He didn’t give up on acting and his hard work and talent has made him well-known in the entertainment industry.

His name Faly Rakotohavana is Malagasy which means Happy Mr. Family. Since moving to the U.S., he has lived in Arizona, Texas and California. Faly plays three different instruments such as piano, ukulele, and violin.

When Faly was in second grade, he had a bad stutter and needed speech therapy to overcome it. Faly stated in an interview that he doesn’t like seafood. His net worth is estimated to be around $100k-$ 1 million.

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