Where Is Joanne Ridley Now? Wikipedia Bio Age And Husband

Where is Joanne Ridley now has been the most searched topic on the internet. This article will provide you with insights into her Wikipedia bio, age, and husband.

British actress Joanne Ridley comes from the United Kingdom. She was one of the renowned faces of the 80s.

The beautiful actress has been able to win the hearts of millions of people with her amazing acting in her films.

She is mostly remembered for her character “Samantha Harrap” in a situation comedy on British television called Me and My Girl, which focused on the difficulties a widower had raising his adolescent daughter.

Currently, the fans of the performer wonder where she is now, as it has been a long time since she has appeared in any movies or on any media channels.

Where Is Joanne Ridley Now?

According to IMDb, the 80’s artist is in California, a western U.S. state that runs for approximately 900 miles from the Mexican border along the Pacific.

The former actress moved to the United States in the 1990s after her marriage collapsed. She lived there with her new identity and changed her name to Iona Simms.

Joanne Ridley now
Former Me And My Girl star Joanne Ridley. (Source: Reddit)

In addition, the former performer has left the entertainment industry and is now employed as a midwife, a medical specialist with training in assisting and attending to women during pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

However, the medical specialist has kept her current life a secret, and there is not much information about her on the internet as of now. Thus, there is no information on how she is doing with her life in the current situation.

Joanne Ridley Wikipedia Bio And Age

The former actress was born in London, the largest city and capital of England and the United Kingdom, on March 23, 1970.  She is currently 53 years old and resides in California with her new identity. Her nationality is British.

Emma Ridley, the midwife’s younger sister, is an actress and producer by trade. She is currently married to Michael Carter.

Joanne Ridley
The medical specialist’s younger sister, Emma Ridley. (Source: Instagram)

As per the reports, the former artist debuted in the film industry in 1979 with the movie “The World Is Full of Married Men,” which was a film adaptation of the British novel of the same name.

In addition, the medical specialist has appeared in several TV series like London’s Burning, A Question of Guilt, Me and My Girl, and many more.

However, Me and My Girl’s actress has left the industry and is leading a private life about which she has not revealed much. She has also not been active on any social media platforms.

Moreover, even the former artist’s sister has not shared any information about their relationship, as she has not wished Joanne on her birthday.

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Joanne Ridley Husband

The marital status of the former actress is unknown as she has been private about her new life.

However, prior to moving to America, the midwife had a bitter divorce from her former husband, Guy Bellingham, an eccentric faith healer.

Joanne Ridley
The 80’s star with her co-actor Richard O’Sullivan. (Source: Twitter)

The former couple married at a holistic healing center near Glastonbury, a town and civil parish in Somerset, England, according to The Free Library. As per the sources, they wrote their own vows.

Unfortunately, the former actress separated from her ex-husband when she found out that he was cheating on her with an Irish mystic.

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