Where Is Greg O Shea Going After Leaving Six O’Clock? New Job And Salary

Where Is Greg O Shea Going

Where Is Greg O Shea Going after leaving The Six O’Clock Show? Delve into the mystery of his new job and potential salary as fans eagerly anticipate his next career move.

Greg O’Shea, born on March 23, 1995, is a prominent Irish rugby union player renowned for his dynamic performances as a fly-half.

His rugby journey commenced at seven with the local club Shannon, showcasing early promise and dedication to the sport.

O’Shea’s skills led him to the Munster academy in 2013, where he primarily played as a wing and fullback, demonstrating versatility on the field.

While facing an injury setback in 2015, O’Shea exhibited resilience and determination, overcoming the challenges to regain total health and resume his flourishing rugby career.

Subsequently, he transitioned to the Ireland national sevens team, contributing to the squad with his prowess and expertise.

Beyond his achievements in rugby, Greg O’Shea has ventured into the media industry, expanding his influence beyond the field.

In a surprising turn of events in July 2019, he garnered widespread attention by partnering with Amber Gill and emerging victorious in the fifth series of Love Island.

This unexpected foray into reality television added a new dimension to O’Shea’s public persona, showcasing his ability to thrive in diverse arenas while solidifying his status as a multifaceted and accomplished individual in sports and entertainment.

Where Is Greg O Shea Going After Leaving Six O’Clock?

Greg O’Shea, the former Love Island star and co-host of The Six O’Clock Show, sent shockwaves through his fan base when he announced his departure in November 2023.

The unexpected announcement, delivered live on air, left viewers intrigued and curious about O’Shea’s next career move.

Where Is Greg O Shea Going
Greg O Shea is rumored to be dating his girlfriend Kate Hutchins. (source: irishmirror)

In his farewell statement, O’Shea thanked the team behind The Six O’Clock Show and his co-hosts, acknowledging their role in shaping him into the presenter he has become.

Expressing his enjoyment of working on the show, he left the audience anticipating the new direction the program would take in his absence.

While O’Shea has remained somewhat enigmatic about his future plans, he hinted at an ongoing interest in the media industry.

His statement, “I can’t wait to see where the show goes,” suggests an ongoing connection to the world of television.

Additionally, he expressed enthusiasm for “whatever crazy adventure the future has in store for me next,” leaving room for speculation about potential new ventures or projects.

O’Shea’s departure from The Six O’Clock Show marks a turning point in his career, and fans are eager to uncover the exciting chapters that await him in the evolving landscape of the media and entertainment industry.

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Greg O Shea New Job And Salary

As Greg O’Shea transitions from his co-hosting role on The Six O’Clock Show, details about his new job and potential salary remain in mystery.

O’Shea’s departure from his previous position left fans speculating about the exciting venture he’s poised to embark upon.

Where Is Greg O Shea Going
Greg O Shea playing rugby. (source: Sky Sports)

In rugby, O’Shea’s financial landscape has been relatively transparent. Rugby Sevens players typically receive a basic annual salary of €18,000.

However, O’Shea’s financial portfolio extends far beyond this baseline, with an estimated net worth of around $5 million as of 2023.

This substantial wealth primarily stems from his successful rugby career, encompassing earnings from playing for the Munster Rugby team and participating in international matches.

Notably, his financial profile was significantly boosted with a £25,000 (€29,273) windfall from his victory on ITV’s Love Island.

While the specifics of O’Shea’s new role and corresponding salary remain undisclosed, his track record of popularity and success in sports and media suggests that any remuneration attached to his new venture is likely to be substantial.

O’Shea’s ability to seamlessly transition between the worlds of rugby and entertainment positions him as a sought-after personality, and fans eagerly await further details about his latest professional chapter and the financial rewards it may bring.

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