Where Is Filipino Beauty Coca Nicolas Now? Wikipedia And Bio

Coca Nicolas Now

Coca Nicolas was a well-known actor from the Philippines who mesmerized everyone on the screen. Nonetheless, she took a long hiatus from the entertainment world.

Where is Coca Nicolas now?

Coca Nicolas is a former bold star known for her role as one of the “Softdrink Beauties” in the 1980s.

Coca took a long break from the entertainment industry.

Recently, she gained attention for speaking about her insights into the Pepsi Paloma controversy.

In an interview with Julius Babao uploaded to his YouTube channel on Thursday night, January 4, 2023, Nicolas shared her conversation with Pepsi Paloma.

Pepsi Paloma tragically ended her life at the age of 18 by hanging herself.

Addressing the ongoing discussions surrounding the scandal, Coca, a close friend of Pepsi, contradicted the alleged abuse by Vic, Joey, and Richie towards Pepsi, recounting her direct conversation with Pepsi herself.

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Where Is Filipino Beauty Coca Nicolas Now?

Coca Nicolas is now a mother and far away from the spotlight.

She was once recognized as a captivating “Softdrink Beauty” during the vibrant 1980s entertainment era.

Coca Nicolas Now
Coca Nicolas is now into motherhood and managing her home. (Source: Pep.Ph)

Moreover, she embarked on her acting journey under the screen alias Johnnalee Hickins.

Her glam era shifted dramatically post-retirement from the limelight.

In an insightful Esquire article, Coca candidly disclosed the demise of her career, citing struggles with alcohol, drugs, and financial mismanagement.

Her decision to exit show business aligned with the arrival of her first child.

Relocating to Japan, Nicolas pursued work as a dancer and singer, yet encountered formidable challenges in the new chapter of life.

In her current phase, Coca dedicates herself entirely to motherhood and sustains her livelihood by selling ice and ice candy.

Despite adversity, the former actress has fostered a deep connection within her neighborhood.

She has earned admiration for her prior support to many during her role in the acting world.

Coca Nicolas Wikipedia And Bio

Coca Nicolas was a Filipino actress. She was initially from Olongapo City, Zambales, in the Philippines.

Coca Nicolas Now
Coca Nicolas was a famous Filipino beauty from “Softdrinks Beauties.” (Source: ABS-CBN News)

Furthermore, the former “Softdrink Beauties” prominence in show business primarily revolves around her notable roles in various Filipino films.

The Filipino actress gained recognition and acclaim for her movie performances during the 1980s.

She has starred in movies such as “Batang Querida” and “Naked Island.”

Her contributions to these films showed her talent and versatility as an actress.

Nicolas carved her place in the era’s cinematic landscape. Notably, she was a part of the “soft drinks beauties.”

“Softdrinks beauties” was a collective conceptualized and brought into the limelight by Rey Dela Cruz.

The association further heightened her visibility within the entertainment sphere.

Her presence and portrayal in these movies impacted the Filipino film industry during the 80s. It solidified her status as a recognized figure in Philippine cinema.

Coca Nicolas Age: How Old Is She?

Coca Nicolas must be around the late 50s. She is also known as Johnnalee Hickings. 

Additionally, Coca was a famous actress in the 1980s.

She was a part of the renowned “Softdrinks Beauties” group and starred in popular movies during that time.

Johnnalee, at the height of her career, enjoyed a lavish lifestyle, buying a house and helping her relatives.

But her life took a turn for the worse as she became involved in excessive indulgence, including drugs.

Nicolas’s career declined along with her finances, and she regretted not saving money for the future.

Her struggles with addiction to alcohol and smoking worsened after her mother’s death.

Eventually, Coca realized her mistakes and decided to change her lifestyle, but it was too late. She regretted not saving money for her future.

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