Where Are Molly Russell Parents, Ken And Vivian Russell Now? Together Or Parted Ways

Molly Russell Parents

Where are Molly Russell parents? She was the daughter of a renowned personality connected to the entertainment world.

Molly Russell is the daughter of the late film director Ken Russell. She is described as being 46 years old as of 2024.

Her art focuses on creating life-sized animal coffins for goats, crocodiles, anskes, meerkats, and donkeys.

These creations serve as a means for Molly to address her profound anxieties surrounding the death and her complex relationship with her father.

Moreover, Molly recalls her upbringing in the remote Borrowdale Valley in the Lake District, characterized by a fearful convention with her dad, who left her with distressing tales about snakes and death.

Molly remembers their home becoming a sanctuary for animals once her father departed, referencing the abundance of creatures residing with her family.

Now, Molly resides in Hackney, London. Her art includes sculptures of animal coffins, animated videos of her late rabbit disc-dancing floral tributes, and behind-the-scenes photographs.

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Where Are Molly Russell Parents, Ken, And Vivian Russell, Now?

Molly Russell’s parents were divorced. Several marriages marked her dad’s personal life. 

Molly Russell Parents
Molly Russell’s parents played a crucial role in shaping her life. (Source: Pinterest)

Mr Russell’s marriage to Vivian Jolly spanned from 1984 to 1991. The ceremony officiated by actor Anthony Perkins occurred during this period, and the couple had a son and daughter together.

Their opinion, like Russell’s artistic endeavors, was unconventional and dynamic. As a renowned film director known for his flamboyant style, he brought a similar vivacity into his personal life.

Following his divorce from Vivian Jolly, Russell tied the knot with actress and former ballerina Hetty Baynes. Their marriage lasted until 1997, and they brought another son into the family.

Throughout these marriages, Molly’s father’s partners shared his enthusiasm for the arts and contributed to the vibrant energy that often surrou8nded the renowned filmmaker.

Meet Molly Russell’s Father, Ken Russell

Ken Russell was a British film director. He was celebrated for his innovative and controversial style, notably recognized for his groundbreaking contributions to television and films.

Molly Russell Parents
Molly Russell’s dad passed away, leaving a void in her heart. (Source: Pinterest)

Bold and vivid adaptations of existing literary works and biographies marked Molly’s dad’s career. He often focused on composers from the Romantic era.

Mr Russell initially gained recognition directing for the BBC. His conventional and creative interpretations of composers’ lives stood out in an era of more traditional programming.

Furthermore, Molly’s father achieved widespread recognition for various films, including the Oscar-winning “Women in Love” and the thought-provoking science fiction piece “Altered States.”

Ken’s cinematic repertoire also encompassed biopics centered on classical music maestroes such as Elgar, Delius, Tchaikovsky, Mahler, and Liszt.

In his later years, Ken ventured into producing low-budget experimental films like “The Lion’s Mouth” and “Revenge of the Elephant Man,”

Meet Molly Russell’s mother, Vivian Russell.

Molly’s mother, Vivian Russell, is known for being a writer and contributor to movies like “Altered Staes and The Rainbow.

Vivian happily married Ken Russell, a famous film director, from 1983 to 1991. They had two children together.

Vivian also worked on TV and is credited for contributing to a show called “Omnibus” in 1999. In some of her professional work, she used the name Vivian Jolly.

Apart from her professional life, Molly’s mom shares her passion for photography and writing. She described herself as a photographer and writer dedicated to nurturing organic gardens for bees and wasps.

Her love for nature extends to recording observations in her coastal area for the National Biodiversity Network. Molly’s mom lives in Silloth, Cumbria.

She has been active in social media, joining Twitter in January 2013. On her Twitter profile, she follows 825 accounts and has 1,266 followers.

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