What Language Besides English Did Mae Jemison Know? Childhood and Educational Background

Mae Jemison

What Language Besides English Mae Jemison Know? Mae Carol Jemison, also famously known as “Mae Jemison,” is a NASA astronaut. You can just read to find out more.

In 1987, she joined as an astronaut candidate at NASA.  And on September 12, 1992, Mae became the first black African American woman to travel in space via Space Shuttle Endeavour.

Apart from being an astronaut, Carol is an engineer, professor, and physician. The astronaut has also appeared in an episode of Star Trek: The next generation and a few other television appearances.

She has been inducted into the National Women’s Hall of fame and the International Space Hall of Fame.

The engineer has also been awarded “Sylvanus Thayer Award” and “Elizabeth Blackwell Award.” Mae has also written an autobiography named “Find Where the Wind Goes: Moments from my Life.”.

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What Language Besides English Mae Jemison Know?  

Jemison is a very skilled woman. However, the professor is from a country where most people are English speakers. The language genius can also fluently speak  Japanese, Russian, and Swahili. Her knowledge of several languages has helped her career plenty of times.

Mae Jemison
Mae Jemison in a NASA spacesuit (Source: DUKE today)

Her multilingual abilities can also be classified as one of the fantastic factors that helped her achieve her dreams. This also proves that she was good at her studies and a hardworking woman.

How Did Mae Jemison Spend Her Childhood?

Jemison was born on October 17, 1956, in Decatur, Alabama, USA. Her father, Charlie Jemison, and mother, Dorothy Jemison, had three children; Mae was the youngest. Charlie worked as a maintenance supervisor, whereas Dorothy was a grade school teacher.

Mae Jemison when she was young (Source: Mason Report )

Jemison loved dancing from a very young age and joined ballet classes at 8. Along with ballet, she also knew various other dance styles like  Jazz, modern dance, and cultural dances like Japanese and African Dances.

During her childhood, Young Mae had dreamed of becoming a professional dancer. she even gave an audition for the lead role in the musical “West Side Story” but sadly didn’t pass. However, she got selected as a background dancer.

Educational Background Of Mae Jemison

As a child, Mae was a curious and observant kid. She loved studying and gaining knowledge about the topics she was interested in. However, she was particularly interested in science and wanted to be a scientist when she grew up.

Mar Jemison
Mae Jemison addressing Providence College Class of 2020 (Source: Rhode Island Catholic )

Both of her parents were very supportive of her fascination with science and her dream.

In 1973, she finished high school at Morgan Park High school in Chicago. After that,  in 1977, she went to Stanford University and had a B.sc in chemical engineering and a Bachelor’s degree in  African and African- American studies. 

Later, the professor attended Cornell University in 1981 and has a medical doctorate. Apart from having an excellent educational background, she has done numerous works, like working in the Cambodian refugee camp, conducting the study, and volunteering in the medical field.

After leaving NASA, Dr. Mae has been involved in various sectors and is the  founder of organizations like “The Jemison Inc.” and “Dorothy Jemison Foundation.” She has been open about supporting people interested in science and giving them opportunities.

With Jenison’s contributions in science and the medical field, she continues to become a great source of inspiration for people worldwide.

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