Michael Laudor Wikipedia Bio – What Happened To Him? Family And Case Details

Michael Laudor

Michael Laudor Wikipedia has been the most searched topic on the internet as people are curious to know more about him. This article will provide you with insight on his family and case details as well.

In 1998, when Michael Laudor’s schizophrenia became unmanageable, it made national headlines in America.

Schizophrenia is a severe mental illness in which reality is seen strangely by sufferers. Hallucinations, delusions, and severely irrational thinking and behavior may follow, making it difficult to go about daily tasks and even incapacitating.

People are curious to know about the man’s history, as many books and magazines have tried to cover his life story, generating curiosity among the people.

Michael Laudor Wikipedia Bio – What Happened To Him?

Recently, the book “The Best Minds” reviews have been trending on the internet, where the friendship between the psychosis and Jonathan Rosen has been mentioned, making people curious about Michael once again.

Michael Laudor made huge headlines in 1998 in America. The people are curious to know more about the man and what happened to him.

He was diagnosed with schizophrenia as a young man, and his meteoric rise through Yale Law School to become a spokesperson for individuals with psychosis who are stigmatized crashed suddenly when he relapsed, with disastrous consequences.

Michael Laudor
The childood picture of Michael Laudor, right, with his best friend Jonathan Rosen’. (Source: The Atlantic)

Being plagued by paranoid delusions and auditory hallucinations, which cause a distortion of reality, schizophrenia is distressing for those who experience it.

However, the killer does not have his own Wikipedia page yet. Thus, there is not much information regarding his personal details.

Moreover, his journey from overcoming his mental illness to being a graduate from Yale inspired many suffering from the same disease.

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Michael Laudor Family – explored

The murderer was born in America to his father, Charles Laudor, and mother, Ruth.

Michael’s father, Charles Laudor, was a professor of economics at Adelphi University who frequently helped him work through his hallucinations and was a calming force in his life.

Michael Laudor
Jonathan Rosen and Michael Laudor were friends, and “The Best Minds” describes how Michael Laudor killed his pregnant fiance while suffering from insanity. (Source: Crime Reads)

In addition, his father supported him financially when he attended Yale Law School, where he excelled to the point that he was given a postdoctoral associateship.

Unfortunately, the killer’s father passed away from prostate cancer. However, there is not much information regarding his mother.

As per the sources, ever since their son was first diagnosed with schizophrenia, Laudor’s family has always shown their love and support for him.

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Michael Laudor Case Details – explored

In 1998, a devastating murder case shocked the whole of America. A man named Michael Laudor, who had already overcome his schizophrenia disease, suddenly relapsed and took horrible action towards it.

Mr. Laudor was accused of killing Caroline Costello, a technology administrator at the Edison Project, a for-profit organization that oversees public schools, who was 37 weeks pregnant and was his fiancée.

Michael Laudor Wikipedia
Michael Laudor had overcame his mental disorder but later relapsed and killed his partner. (Source: The Atlantic)

As per the report, the man himself hailed down a patrol car and informed the officer that he had possibly killed and injured his girlfriend.

The murderer was detained at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, where he had participated in a summer program for talented students as a teenager.

Many expressed their grief, as he was also considered a role model for others struggling with schizophrenia.




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