What Happened To Rhys Bonner? Cause Of Death, Killer And Family Details

Rhys Bonner

The mysterious case of the 19-year-old boy whose body was found but the cause of death is still unknown three years later made the public wonder, “What Happened To Rhys Bonner?”

On July 24, a Celtic supporter named Rhys vanished from Barlanark, Glasgow, leaving neither cash nor a phone behind.

After 24 hours after his missing, his mother, Stephanie Bonner, filed a missing person complaint at a nearby police station.

The boy went to meet someone that day. However, he was supposed to return home to watch his favorite football team, the Celtic, play. But he never came back.

Later, his supposedly naked body was found in marshland a fortnight and three miles away. But his mother denied believing her son’s death was a murder, as the law enforcement officials said there was a lack of evidence to move the case forward.

However, Stephanie Bonner requested police conduct a proper investigation as there was no reason for Rhys to be near that place.

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What Happened To Rhys Bonner? Cause Of Death

Rhys’s body was found badly decomposed and half-sunk in a wetland between Easter House and Gartlock Village two weeks after his disappearance. Some of the clothing items on his body are missing.

Due to the body being in the water for a long time, the officer stated that the cause of his death could not be verified from the postpartum.

His mother, however, was not satisfied with the answer because the boy had never gone to a park-like those.

Rhys Bonner
The community, along with the boy’s family, helps to bring justice. (Source: change.org)

Some say the 19-year-old boy was last seen with an older lady walking to the store. According to The Scottish Sun, on Blacader Drive in Gartloch Village, which appears to be nestled in a semi-rural sweep of green on the map despite its proximity to the inner city, a witness saw them on a path behind contemporary, red-brick homes.

However, just two days before the boy went missing, the body of a 28-year-old man was discovered in a canal, and his family, like the Rhys family, believed that their son’s death was not accidental.

Later, in a toxicology report, it was found that the boy was taking some kind of alcohol or drug, but his mother later said that he used not to consume such stuff.

Who Is The Killer Of Rhys Bonner?

Donna Drummond is the killer of Rhys Bonner. The woman was around 45 years old and had short hair.

She was the last person seen with Booner, per the CCTV footage recovered from Balcurive Road in Provanhall.

What Happened To Rhys Bonner
Rhys Bonner (Source: Daily Record)

The community members also have a bad feeling about the woman as she has already been involved with the police.

Although she was the first suspect in the case, the police did not take any action against her as there was insufficient proof.

Currently, the suspect is missing. The victim’s family believed that someone was responsible for the death of their late son, and the investigation was not done correctly.

Rhys Bonner- Family Details

Bonner’s family is still fighting for justice for their dead son. According to The Scottish Sun, her other children are having difficulty admitting that one of their siblings is no more.

Stephanie had six children in total, including her late son, Rhys. The family is determined to collect evidence that their child had someone’s involvement and that it was not due to the use of any kind of drugs.

Rhys Bonner
Mother of the victim. (Source: The Scottish Sun)

However, the household is disappointed that the police have not been of enormous help as they have kept the exact location a secret, and it seems like the family was also not informed where the body was found.

Moreover, the community and the family have created a Facebook page, #JUSTICEFORRHYS. It seems like at least the neighborhood has been supportive of the family’s efforts to find the truth.

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