What Happened To Boruto Eye: Lost Right Eye After Kawaki Slashed It

What Happened To Boruto Eye

What happened to Boruto eye? This question has sparked numerous theories and discussions among fans of the series as the enigmatic nature of his Jougan continues to unfold.

In the Boruto series, a significant development involves Borutos’ eye.

In chapter 78 of the Boruto manga, during a confrontation with Kawaki, Boruto loses his right eye after being attacked.

This loss triggers the awakening of Jougan, a mysterious and powerful eye technique unique to him.

The Jougan, which had remained dormant until then, becomes active due to his eye injury.

This event marks a turning point for Boruto, as he now has the opportunity to train and harness the abilities of his Jougan.

This development also adds complexity to Borutos’ character and his journey, as he must now adapt to the changes brought about by the awakening of his unique eye technique.

“What happened to Boruto eye?” Delve into the mysteries of Jougan and the potential impact on the future of the Boruto series.

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What Happened To Boruto Eye: Lost Right Eye After Kawaki Slashed It

In a pivotal moment in the Boruto series, the fate of Boruto Uzumaki’s eye was forever altered.

The turning point occurred during a confrontation with Kawaki, his former “brother,” when an unexpected clash resulted in Boruto losing his right eye.

The tragic incident left him with a deep scar across his eye and cheek, a visual witness to the intense battles and sacrifices made in the ninja world. This loss, however, wasn’t the end of Borutos’ visual abilities.

What Happened To Boruto Eye
Boruto is engaged in a battle against Kawaki, and during the confrontation, Kawaki slashes Boruto’s right eye with a kunai (Source: Youtube)

Interestingly, the event triggered the awakening of his Jougan, an enigmatic and powerful ocular trait that had long been shrouded in mystery.

Despite losing his human eye, the awakening of the Jougan symbolizes Borutos’ ascent into a realm of heightened abilities and an undeniable connection to the Otsutsuki clan.

The impact of this event reverberates throughout the series as Borutos’ journey toward mastering his newfound power begins, challenging him to overcome adversity and harness his potential like never before.

The Awakening Of Jougan: Connection between Borutos’ Scar And Jougan

The awakening of Boruto Uzumaki’s Jougan, a unique and potent ocular ability, is intrinsically tied to a defining moment marked by his scar.

When Kawaki slashed Borutos’ right eye, the physical wound left a lasting mark on his appearance and acted as a catalyst for the manifestation of his Jougan.

This mystical eye, which holds the power to perceive and interact with chakra in profound ways, emerged as a response to the traumatic event.

What Happened To Boruto Eye
The dynamic between Boruto and Kawaki not only explores the themes of inherited destiny and the power of friendship but also delves into the nature of one’s choices (Source: CBR)

The scar, closely resembling the scar of Kakashi Hatake, signifies Borutos’ transformation from a naive child to a battle-hardened ninja grappling with the immense responsibilities of his lineage.

The connection between the scar and Jougan underscores the intertwining of physical and metaphysical elements in the Boruto narrative.

Borutos’ eye becomes a conduit for his personal growth and the unfolding cosmic conflicts of the ninja world.

The Symbolism of Boruto Scar

Borutos’ scar, etched across his eye and cheek, carries layers of symbolism that resonate deeply within the context of his journey.

This scar, a witness to his bravery and selflessness, speaks to the sacrifices he’s willing to make for his friends, family, and the protection of his village.

The scar’s resemblance to Kakashi Hatakes’ mark invokes a sense of legacy and continuity, highlighting the cyclical nature of challenges faced by successive generations.

What Happened To Boruto Eye
The awakening of Boruto’s Jougan presents a compelling connection between his scar and this mysterious eye technique (Source: Spoiler Guy)

Beyond the physical, the scar encapsulates Borutos’ evolution from a carefree youth to a mature shinobi, mirroring his growth in skill and character.

Furthermore, the scar is a visual reminder of his connection to the Otsutsuki clan and the otherworldly forces in his life.

In Borutos’ ongoing narrative, his scar is a profound emblem of his personal and narrative transformation, a visible reminder of the trials and triumphs that shape his destiny.

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