Isabella Nardoni Father Alexandre Nardoni And Step Mother Anna Carolina Jatobà: Parents

Isabella Nardoni Father

Isabella Nardoni Father Alexandre Nardoni and Mother Anna Carolina Jatobà: What actions were inflicted upon their daughter, Isabella, by them?

The murder of 5-year-old Isabella de Oliveira Nardoni in 2008 was one of Brazil’s most shocking child abuse cases.

She was thrown off the balcony of her 6th-floor Sao Paulo apartment by her father, Alexandre Alves Nardoni, and stepmother, Anna Carolina Jatobá, who were later convicted of homicide.

Investigations found the young child had suffered ongoing physical abuse by her caretakers. Brazilian media closely followed the tragic case, providing continuous updates.

An unprecedented 98% of Brazilians knew of Nardoni’s death—the highest percentage ever for a crime story there. Her murder captivated and horrified the nation.

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Isabella Nardoni, Father Alexandre Nardoni, And Mother Anna Carolina Jatobà

Isabella Nardoni’s story revolves around the complex relationships that define her family dynamics.

Born on April 18, 2002, in So Paulo, Brazil, she was the daughter of Alexandre Alves Nardoni and Ana Carolina Cunha de Oliveira.

Alexandre and Ana Carolina’s history traces back to their school days, where their connection took root, eventually leading to a three-year relationship.

However, their journey was marked by a series of unexpected turns.

Isabella Nardoni Father
On April 18, 2008, Isabella Nardoni’s father and Jatobá were indicted by the Sao Paulo Civil Police. (Source: otvfoco)

Carolina found herself pregnant with Isabella at 17, just as the 5-year-old’s father was about to embark on his law studies.

The relationship was already faltering, and although they contemplated living together during her pregnancy, the fissures in their bond were too deep to mend.

As a result, Ana chose to live with her parents while raising her daughter.

Isabella Nardoni Murder Update 2023

On March 29, 2008, 5-year-old Nardoni fell from the sixth-floor balcony of Edifício London, where she lived with her father Alexandre, stepmother Anna Carolina Jatobá, and their two sons.

She was found in cardiac arrest in the front garden, and rescue personnel unsuccessfully tried to resuscitate her for 34 minutes before she died en route to the hospital.

Isabella Nardoni father claimed that when they arrived at the building, he put a sleeping Isabella to bed while parking the car.

He said she was missing when he returned 5–10 minutes later. Alexandre noticed the damaged window screen, looked down and saw his child’s body below.

Isabella Nardoni Father
During the sentence reading, Isabella Nardoni Father was expressionless while Jatobá cried. (Source: leisurebyte)

The young child’s mother said Jatobá hysterically called her that night, screaming that her daughter had fallen.

When she arrived and saw Oliveira’s injuries, she refrained from touching her to avoid worsening her condition.

The 5-year-old Nardoni was kissed, comforted, and told she was loved before being taken to the hospital, where she died from her traumatic injuries.

She was buried in Sao Paulo, with 200 in attendance.

Isabella Nardoni Case: Short Life

Investigators found significant evidence implicating Alves and Jatobá, despite their claims of innocence. Isabella’s blood was found in their apartment and car, along with vomit on Nardoni’s shirt.

Prints from his flip-flops were by the window she was thrown from. The wire safety screen fragments were on his shirt, and scissors were in the apartment.

Her injuries were consistent with an accidental fall. She had been punched and asphyxiated, and only her wrists were broken. The autopsy revealed she was still alive when she was found.

At their 2010 trial, both denied murdering Oliveira but gave contradictory testimony.

Isabella Nardoni Father
Based on the wounds, Isabella appeared to have been assaulted, choked, and then thrown out of the window. (Source: dmtalkies)

Alves claimed police pressured him to admit accidental homicide. He said he was in shock and failed to aid Isabella upon finding her.

Jatobá admitted embellishing stories under questioning. Their accounts conflicted regarding their fights; he said they were expected, while her stepmother admitted frequent nasty fights.

After a five-day trial, Alexandre was sentenced to over 31 years and Anna Carolina Jatobáto to over 26 for Isabella’s murder.

They were also convicted of tampering with evidence. The case shocked Brazil and drew extensive media coverage.

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