Jackie Woodburne Family: Husband Parents And Siblings

Jackie Woodburne Family

As Susan Kennedy on-screen, Jackie Woodburne family is adored by viewers, but the mystery surrounding her real family background adds a captivating layer of interest. Here are some crucial facts about her. 

Jackie Woodburne is a talented Australian actress primarily recognized for her roles in television soap operas. She has portrayed Susan Kennedy, a teacher, in Neighbours since 1994.

Susan became the show’s longest-running female character in October 2009.

Interestingly, the actress has been nominated for several accolades, and in 2015 she won Best Daytime Star at the Inside Soap Awards.

Initially, she rose to attention for her part in the cult series Prisoner as Julie Chook Egbert.

Then, she appeared in soap operas such as The Young Doctors, Sons and Daughters, Cop Shop, and The Flying Doctors.

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Jackie Woodburne Family: Parents And Siblings

The actress has had a successful career in the entertainment industry.

Still, fans are equally curious about Jackie Woodburne family life, with many wanting to know more about her relatives and upbringing.

Jackie Woodburne, who portrayed Susan Kennedy in the popular Australian series for 28 years, is originally from Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland.

She grew up with her siblings, her older brothers John and Stephen, forming a tight-knit family unit from an early age.

Moreover, the actress’s parents, a young couple with three kids, navigated the challenges of raising their children together. Her father, Jim, worked for the Royal Ulster Constabulary.

Jackie Woodburne Family
Jackie Woodburne during The National Television Awards 2006. (Image source: Getty Image)

However, her family moved to Australia when the actress was four years old. She rose to prominence in dramas like Prisoner: Cell Block H.

In 1972, the Jackie Woodburne family went to Northern Ireland to reunite with friends and relatives. That was the worst year of the Troubles, with 480 people killed.

The family journey was an especially memorable one for her father, who worked as a police officer in a relatively calm pre-Troubles Belfast.

Woodburne revealed that they first returned in 1972, when she was about 15 years old, in an exclusive interview with the Belfast Telegraph.

Furthermore, the actress joined the cast of Neighbours in 1994, where she portrayed the role of the principal of Erinsborough High, a character that quickly became iconic.

Her portrayal of the moral school head in Neighbours made Woodburne a household name in Australia and her native Northern Ireland.

Jackie Woodburne Husband

Jackie Woodburne and her on-screen husband Alan Fletcher, renowned for their enduring portrayal of Susan and Karl Kennedy for over 28 years, have captivated audiences worldwide.

But beyond the fictional world, fans are eager to discover who Jackie’s soul connection is in real life.

In today’s digital age, it’s common for celebrities like actors to be active on social media, offering fans updates on their careers and personal lives.

Jackie Woodburne Family
Jackie Woodburne with her on-screen husband Alan Fletcher during the 61st Annual TV WEEK Logie Awards. (Image source: Getty Image)

Remarkably, Jackie avoids this trend, valuing her privacy above needing a constant online presence.

Despite her fame in the entertainment industry, this actress stays away from social media, leaving fans curious about her marital status, family life, and whether she has any children.

Jackie Woodburne Early Career

Jackie is most recognized for her performances in two long-running soap operas. The first was Julie Chook Egbert, who appeared in Prisoner from 1985 to 1986.

This was followed by her portrayal of Susan Kennedy on Neighbours, which she has been doing since 1994.

She was nominated for Best Female Performance in a Soap Opera at the 2005 International Rose d’Or Television Festival but lost to actress Lesley-Anne Down.

The actress starred in the documentary special Neighbours 30th: The Stars Reunite, which was broadcast in Australia and the United Kingdom in March 2015.

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