What Happened To Adam Thielen? Injury, Health Update And Net Worth

What Happened To Adam Thielen

Want to know what happened to Adam Thielen? This article will provide all the information you need to know about the footballer and the recent news about his football club and transfers.

Adam John Thielen is a professional American football wide receiver and a free agent. He is a well-known player in the NFL.

The undrafted free agent signed in the 2013 NFL Draft with the Minnesota Vikings. He got signed by the club to a three-year contract for $1.48 million as a rookie tryout.

The professional football player also participated in his college football for Minnesota from 2008 till 2012 before getting signed by the Minnesota Vikings. He has over 100+ yards receiving and 74 receptions in eight straight games of the first half of a season.

The footballer didn’t receive a direct invitation from the 2013 NFL Combine however, in March 2012, he attended a Regional Combine in Chicago, and in April, he performed well enough to receive an invitation to the Super Regional Combine, which was held in Dallas, Texas.

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What Happened To Adam Thielen – Injury

Now for the question about what happened to Adam Thielen. It’s been all over the Internet, and you guys seem to be really interested in it.

Now keep in mind that NFL players are absolute beasts in their games. Not to mention Adam, who has been playing for about 10 years for Minnesota Vikings, and he has suffered a lot of in-game injuries and, of course, success.

What Happened To Adam Thielen
Adam Thielen warming up before his game. (Source: Instagram)

The Vikings player has had a handful of injuries throughout his ten years run in the big leagues. His first injury known to mankind was in 2016, when he suffered a groin injury. Then, in the 2019 season, in week 7, he suffered a hamstring injury in a match with Detroit Lions. He was in recovery till week 14.

He started fresh in the 2021 season with great performance under his belt for two straight 2 months until he suffered an ankle injury in week 13. He missed 2 games and returned to the game in week 16, which only worsened his injury, resulting in surgery.

Recently in 2022, Adam suffered a lower leg injury against the Saints in week 4. However, he returned to the practice session and again injured his knee but looked ahead of the game for week 9 against the Commanders and well won the game to a 20 for the Vikings and 17 for the opponent. He is #no.3 for a reason, aye.

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Adam Thielen Health update 

The No.3 player for the Minnesota Vikings is doing very well and fin at the games. He has definitely received ample injury, but his health is in perfect condition.

The NFL star player takes good care of his health and sticks to a healthy diet. Also, staying fit and fine for his games and, most importantly, his well-being.

What Happened To Adam Thielen
NFL star during his gameday in Holloween. (Source: Instagram)

According to his wife Caitlin, fruits and veggies are at the dining table every day. He uses Isagenix Products to stay fine and healthy in his daily regimen.

Another important update is regarding his Professional career. Recently the veteran of the Minnesota Vikings is getting released this Friday. He has spent his entire pro career in Minnesota, making him two Pro Bowls.

The 32-year-old has made a remarkable career at the Vikings and currently ranks in the third position, and is the best free agent the market has to offer.

Adam Thielen Net worth 2023

The veteran wide receiver’s net worth is estimated at $20 million as of 2023. He spent his professional career spending in his former club Minnesota Vikings. He is one of the most qualified free agents in the NFL market.

What Happened To Adam Thielen
The profound footballer on his brand new GMC Acadia. (Source: Wealthy peeps)

The 32-year-old has signed many contracts in millions throughout his 10 years journey. He signed his rookie deal for $1.4 million for 3 years. Then a four-year contract worth $19,246,000 in 2017 included a signing bonus of $4,000,000 and $9,646,000 in total guarantees.

In 2019, he extended his contract for four years, worth $64 million. It included a $9 million signing bonus, earning $16 million per season, and a total guarantee of about $35,000,000.

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