What Is Austin Killips Gender? Sexuality Partner And Age

Austin Killips Gender

What Is Austin Killips Gender? is the most concerning query currently being raised online. Let’s spill out if the rumors of being him a trans are true.

Austin Killips participated in the 2023 Women’s Tour of the Gilla to strengthen her athletic exposure. The ex-world champ wins the elite tour. Many believe that her next stop is the Olympics.

The Transgender cyclist looks pretty confident in the competition. The former world champ hails from Chicago.

The trans woman was crowned in the Tour of the Gila in New Mexico, USA. The 27-year-old came with whopping prize cash of $52 Thousand for first place.

Moreover, Austin, a biological male, began her cycling career in 2019. She may now plan to compete at the Olympics Women’s and Tour de France. 

The professional cyclist became the first American trans woman to race in the Women’s Tour of the Gilla and the Jingle Cross Elite Women’s field. 

She is from Chicago and holds Australian nationality. The 178 cm tall rider has a body weight perfect for a cyclocross rider. 

She is among the unsung athlete who recently received recognition for being a trans woman, participating in the Women’s Cycling Championship Tour. The road racing cyclist came first in the competition.

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What Is Austin Killips Gender? Sexuality And Partner Explored

Generally, her fans and other supporters seek women’s Tour of the Gila titleholder Austin Killips’s transgender facts.

The trans cyclist is a controversial topic as many do not like her participating in a woman’s competition being a trans woman. 

Many netizens online and a few authorities debate whether Killips or other transgender people should be allowed to participate in women’s competitions.

Austin Killips transgender
Transgender cyclist Austin Killips competed in the women’s event. (Source: SRAM)

According to Fox Sports, the elite-level road racer was fully sanctioned to compete under the cycling’s governing body UCI set rules. 

Reportedly, people set their focus on trans women competing against biological females on the same platform. Killips’s victory took some heat on social media with mixed reactions. 

Looking to ex-world champion cyclist Alison Sydor’s tweets, she doesn’t publicly support trans people participating in normal competition. The former women’s champion expresses via Twitter:

The current UCI rules that allow males (referring to trans) to compete in female cycling events are unfair to female cyclists. It is time for UCI to update this unsustainable rule situation as it is leaving a black mark on cycling as a fair sport for females.

More so, many toxic communities on the web passed their negative comments about trans athletes only based on their characteristics.

Also, Killips’s reality is close to the fact as she is a trans athlete. 

Also, seeing the outrage after someone wins the trophy is sad. Killips seems unaffected by the toxic comments by not responding to the lethal situation.

Speaking of Killips’s partner, she focuses on her competitions and cycling career. Perhaps, she has no time for her building a romantic relationship. Also, the trans cyclist is known for keeping her dating life under wraps. 

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Austin Killips Age

Professional cyclist Austin Killips is based in Chicago. The trans woman is among a few cyclists in the United States who’ve garnered as much recognition in the last few months for a good reason.

Killips quickly became one of the globally recognized athletes. According to ProCyclingStats’s official page, the trans woman was born on 30 December 1995. She is 28 years old as of 2024. 

Austin Killips age
Austin Killips is a trans cyclist. (Source: Cycling Tips)

Killips won the Women’s Tour of the Gilla Championships title to her name. The trans cyclist currently rides for Amy D Foundation.

Likewise, Killips received the title and total prize purse of $35,350 at the New Mexico’s Tour of the Gila women’s division in 2023.

When the trans woman is not on the road winning titles, Killips will be in the line-up at her local parks enjoying nature. She likes to hang out in her native town. Killips honed her impressive cycling techniques at these local parks. 

Killips started her professional career in 2019, and her discipline is Cyclocross racing competitions. 

The professional cyclist rides for @nicenikes. The trans rider has an outgoing personality and loves having a healthy chat with her mates but never misses her training for competitions.

We could see a lot more from the trans woman talent if the sport’s laws regarding gender change in the years to come.

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