Was JJ Vallow Buried Alive? Autopsy Report Cause Of Death And Case Update

JJ Vallow Buried Alive and cause of death

The subject of JJ Vallow Autopsy Report And Cause Of Death began trending into the news after surprising disclosures on the young kids’ murder case. Was JJ Vallow Buried Alive? Here’s what we know about the case and his family background. 

Two American toddlers, Joshua “J.J.” Vallow and Tylee Ryan went missing in September 2019. Vallow’s mother, Lori Vallow, was arrested in February 2020 for her involvement in the case.

As per the investigation report, JJ Vallow’s corpse was discovered on the property of Lori’s husband, Chad Daybell, in June 2020. Lori and her husband were charged with murder and conspiracy.

Reports suggest that JJ Vallow was born to his biological parents, Chrysta Trahan and Todd Trahan. 

Reportedly, cult mom Lori Vallow adopted JJ Vallow. Lori is currently on trial for murder, grand theft, and conspiracy. Sources claim that JJ’s birth mother is Mandy Leger.

According to the claims, Leger’s stress and anguish contributed to her natural death after she learned that her seven-year-old had been slain.

The first week of the “cult mom’s” trial ended, and the seven-year-olds birth mother died. She passed away at 46 and was buried in a shallow grave from the stress and anguish she endured after losing her son.

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Was JJ Vallow Buried Alive? Autopsy Report Revealed

Two American kids, Joshua “J.J.” Vallow and Tylee Ryan, went missing in September 2019. The children from Arizona never made it alive, as JJ and Tylee’s remains were found buried in their stepfather Chad Daybell’s backyard in June 2020. His property is located in Idaho.

JJ Vallow Buried Alive
Two American children, Tylee Ryan, and JJ Vallow, disappeared in 2019. (Source: CBS News)

JJ’s last known video was taken on 23 September 2019. In the video, he is seen playing with a friend.

CBS News reported that JJ was last sighted at Kennedy Elementary School in Rexburg. Lori contacted the school administration On 24 September 2019 to withdraw J.J. from classes and claimed she would homeschool him.

Sadly, JJ and Tylee were last seen on 8 September 2019 with their mother, Lori, and their uncle Alex Cox at Yellowstone National Park. 

According to the U.S. Sun’s article, JJ’s birth mother is Mandy Leger’s official death cause was hypertensive cardiovascular disease. As reported by the authorities,  her cause of death type is heart illness often brought on by high blood pressure.

JJ’s adoptive mother, Lori Vallow, and her fifth husband, Chad Daybell, are charged with murdering two kids and planning a heinous scheme motivated by their odd religious convictions.

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JJ Vallow Case Update

JJ is the son of Leger. He was born on 25 May 2012. His biological mother struggled with substance misuse, as did JJ’s real Father, Todd Trahan. Hence, JJ was born a drug addict.

JJ Vallow was adopted by Lori and Charles Vallow a few months before his first birthday. JJ’s uncle later changed his name to Joshua Jaxton Vallow after his adoption. 

JJ Vallow Case Update
JJ Vallow Case Update (Source: YouTube)

Adoptive mother, Lori, and her fifth husband, Chad Daybell, a doomsday author, are charged with murdering JJ and his sister as part of a bizarre scheme. Religious convictions purely drove their motives.

According to sources close to the convicted family, JJ’s biological mother, Leger’s Father (JJ’s grandparents), and stepmother asked to foster JJ to keep him in Louisiana.

Child Protective Services (CPS) officials turned down the local adoption. Leger, 46, was seen in several pictures hugging her infant, which gives a glimpse into their connection. Leger was close to her son JJ even after his adoption. 

Initially, Trahan’s parents, Kay and Larry Woodcock, briefly fostered JJ, before the Vallows adopted him. Later Lori and her fifth husband assumed full custody, raising JJ as their own in Arizona.

Leger received visitation rights during JJ’s first six months of life. Similarly, Trahan’s Father also tried to foster the child but was unsuccessful.

As reported by the sources, Leger was required to visit rehab before seeing her son JJ again after she relapsed. JJ’s adoption had already been confirmed before Leger could finish the program.

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