Was Jim Bowie Related To Santa Anna? Family Tree

Was Jim Bowie Related To Santa Anna

Was Jim Bowie Related to Santa Anna has been the most searched topic on the internet as people are curious to know their relationship. This article will also provide you with insight into their family tree.

An important figure in the Texas Revolution during the 19th century was Jim Bowie, an American pioneer, soldier, and slave smuggler.

At the Battle of the Alamo, the pioneer was one of the Americans who died. A crucial occasion and military battle of the Texas Revolution was the Battle of the Alamo.

A Mexican caudillo named Santa Anna held the office of president of Mexico several times. The Veracruz garrison was under Anna’s command when Mexico gained its independence in 1821.

In addition, the late politician was given charge of the crucial port of Veracruz, which serves as the nation’s entryway from the Gulf of Mexico.

Moreover, people on the internet are curious to know more about his historical people.

Was Jim Bowie Related To Santa Anna?

Many people are curious to know if Jim and Santa had any relationship with each other. However, as per the records, they did not have any blood relations with each other.

According to Rootsweb, Bowie traveled to Mexico at some point before the Texas uprising against Mexico, when he married Ursulita de Veramendez, the sole child of Governor Veramendez of one of the Mexican States. Despite having 100% Castilian ancestry, she was born in Monclova, Mexico. Her godfather was General Santa Ana.

Was Jim Bowie Related To Santa Anna
In order to garner support, Bowie worked with William B. Travis, the War Party’s leader, as the Anglo population of Texas started to push for war against Santa Anna. (Source: Express News)

A man who presents a kid during baptism and commits to overseeing their religious upbringing is known as the child’s “god father.”

Moreover, they did not have any blood relationship with each other, but they were bonded in a relationship after Jim got married to his wife.

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Jim Bowie family tree – revealed

The late American soldier was born in 1796 in Logan County, Kentucky, United States, to his father Rezin Bowie and mother Elve Ap-Catesby Jones.

In 1782, Jim’s father married Elve, the young woman who had nursed him back to health after he had been injured while serving in the American Revolutionary War.

Jim Bowie
The American Soilder’s conflict with Rapides Parish Sheriff Norris Wright led to his rise to global fame. (Source: ThoughtCo.)

The late pioneer was not the only child born to his parents; in fact, he was the ninth of ten children born to his parents. His siblings included Rezin Bowie, John Jones Bowie, Stephen Bowie, David Bowie, Mary Bowie Bird, Martha Bowie Sterrett, and Sarah Bowie Davis.

Moreover, in 1830, Jim married Ursula Veramendi, with whom he had two children, Marie Elve and James Veramendi. There has been no information on the internet regarding his children’s spouse.

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Santa Anna family tree – revealed

The late president of Mexico was born on February 21, 1794, in Xalapa, Veracruz, Nueva Espaa, to his father, Licenciado Antonio López de Santa Anna, and mother, Manuela Pérez de Lebrón.

Anna’s father was a lawyer by profession; however, his mother’s occupation has not been revealed yet.

Santa Anna
Anna’s military career was significantly impacted by his Mexican-American heritage since he had acquired immunity to the yellow fever that was endemic to the area. (Source: TSHA)

In addition, the late politician was not the only child of his parents; in fact, he had six siblings, among whom four were his sisters and two were his brothers.

Moreover, as per the sources, Santa was more close to his sister Francisca and brother Manuel, who also joined the military in their lives.

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