Obituary: Jamie Ferris Motorcycle Accident Death News Age And Bio

Jamie Ferris

Jamie Ferris Motorcycle Accident happened on May 11, 2023, which sadly took his precious life. This article provides further insight into his death news, age and bio. 

Jamie Ferris, a resident of Orangeville, Ontario, was a prominent figure in the community as the founder of Qwest Riders and the owner of Soundqwest DJ Service.

Jamie’s passion for riding motorcycles led to the establishment of Qwest Riders, a community of like-minded individuals who would gather every Sunday for rides.

Over time, this group expanded as friends and acquaintances joined in, resulting in a vibrant community of 30 or more riders.

The sudden and untimely death of Jamie A Ferris sent shockwaves through the entire community.

His passing left a void, not only within Qwest Riders but also among the countless lives he had touched through his community involvement and DJ service.

Obituary: Jamie Ferris Motorcycle Accident Death News 

On Thursday, May 11th, 2023, tragedy struck when Jamie Ferris was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident.

His sudden death brought overwhelming grief to those who loved him family members, friends and countless others who had cherished moments with him.

Robynne Jamie’s ex wife took to social media channels to break the news and express how their children were struggling with the loss of their beloved father.

Jamie Ferris Motorcycle Accident
Jamie Ferris’s sister Tina posted this picture showing her grief. (source: Facebook)

Jamies children and granddaughter will miss him dearly having created many happy memories together that they will always treasure.

Details surrounding the circumstances of Jamie Ferris’s motorcycle accident remain unclear at this time.

The authorities are expected to provide more information regarding the location and timing of the accident to the media in due course.

As further updates become available, the story will be developed to comprehensively understand the incident.

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Jamie Ferris Age

We lack information concerning Jamie Ferriss age as it is not available online. Sadly he passed away prematurely due to a tragic accident that shook everyone who knew him.

Many have come forward with messages of condolence for his grieving family as they mourn his sudden loss.

Sarah Love fondly recollected moments she shared with Jamie while expressing deep sadness at losing such an outstanding person in her life.

Jamie Ferris
Jamie Ferris passing has left an immense pain to his loved ones. (source: oxgaps)

Despite being only a teenager herself, she recognized how courteous he was, extending heartfelt condolences to his beloved family in these testing times.

Kevin Whyton spoke about how close he was with Jamie as they had been friends since their public school days- sharing several positive memories together within the Qwest Riders community which will stay with him for life.

He wished nothing but eternal peace for his late friend on this journey ahead.

Jamie’s family will share the obituary and funeral details in due course, and the heartfelt sympathies of the community will be extended to them during this difficult time. As we conclude this article, we express gratitude to those who have read it until the end.

Jamie Ferris Bio

Jamie Ferris, a resident of Orangeville, Ontario, was a beloved member of his community and a passionate entrepreneur.

He established himself as the owner of Soundqwest DJ service, where he showcased his talents as a DJ and provided entertainment services to his clients.

His career wasn’t just business oriented though; Jamie was deeply rooted in Orangeville District Secondary School as a student and developed lifelong friendships there that kept him connected throughout life.

However, Jamie’s impact extended far beyond his business ventures. He was also the founder and a cherished Qwest Rider RC community member.

This tight-knit group of motorcycle enthusiasts would gather regularly for rides, creating lasting bonds and a sense of camaraderie.

Jamie’s leadership and presence within the Qwest Rider community were invaluable, and his tragic death in a motorcycle accident left his friends, family, and fellow riders in a state of profound grief.


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