Was Dirk Bogarde Gay? Meet His Son Gareth And Partner Tony Forwood

Was Dirk Bogarde Gay

Dirk Bogarde’s sexuality: Was Dirk Bogarde Gay? has been a subject of curiosity. Meet his son Gareth and partner Tony Forwood for insights.

Dirk Bogarde, the quintessential English actor, novelist, and screenwriter, embarked on a remarkable journey from matinée idol status in beloved films like “Doctor in the House” (1954) to an enduring icon of edginess.

Beyond his cinematic prowess, Bogarde forged a multifaceted career.

In a remarkable second act, he penned seven captivating volumes of memoirs, six compelling novels, and a collection of intelligent journalism, drawing from his contributions to The Daily Telegraph.

Similarly, this literary endeavor showcased his diverse talents and intellectual depth.

During the crucible of World War II, Bogarde’s life took a courageous turn.

Moreover, he dedicated five years to active military service, ascending to major and earning seven prestigious medals.

His poignant poetry from that era found a place in war anthologies, and his artwork, a testament to his wartime experiences, now graces renowned institutions like the British Museum and the Imperial War Museum.

Was Dirk Bogarde Gay?

Though he was never publicly coming out during his lifetime, Dirk Bogarde was indeed a gay man.

His intimate partner of nearly four decades, actor Anthony Forwood, shared his life until Forwood’s passing in 1988.

Was Dirk Bogarde Gay
According to Dirk Bogarde, Gay films made him a better man. (source: Purple Cover)

Despite decriminalizing homosexuality in England in 1967, Bogarde opted to keep his sexual orientation private.

Likewise, he feared that acknowledging it might detrimentally affect his career and personal life.

Bogarde’s pivotal role as a blackmailed gay lawyer in the 1961 film “Victim” was groundbreaking for its era.

This cinematic milestone addressed homosexuality in a severe and compassionate light, pushing boundaries and challenging societal norms.

It marked a turning point in Bogarde’s career, transitioning him from the realm of heartthrob to intricate and demanding character roles.

Though Bogarde never openly discussed his sexuality, his personal life and portrayals of gay characters in film left an indelible mark on LGBTQ+ representation in cinema.

His legacy is a testament to his talent as an actor and his subtle but profound impact on advancing LGBTQ+ visibility in the industry.

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Dirk Bogarde Son Gareth And Partner Tony Forwood

Dirk’s partner of nearly four decades was Anthony Forwood, a versatile actor and writer.

Their enduring relationship began in 1949 and endured until Forwood’s passing in May 1988.

Together, they shared their personal lives and the joys and challenges of parenthood, as they had a son named Gareth Forwood, born on October 14, 1945.

Gareth Forwood followed in his parents’ footsteps, forging a successful career in the entertainment industry, spanning stage, film, and television from 1964 to 2000.

His talent and dedication mirrored the artistic legacy of his family.

Anthony Forwood, in his own right, made notable contributions to the world of cinema, with roles in films like “Knights of the Round Table” (1953) and “The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men” (1952), alongside appearances in the BBC Sunday-Night Theatre in 1950.

After divorcing Glynis Johns in 1948, Anthony Forwood became Dirk Bogarde’s life partner and took on his manager role, further cementing their personal and professional bond.

Together, they created a lasting legacy in the world of entertainment.

Dirk Bogarde Family Background

Dirk hailed from a culturally diverse and talented family.

He was the eldest among three children, born to Ulric van den Bogaerde and Margaret Niven.

Was Dirk Bogarde Gay
Dirk Bogarde pictured with his parents and sister. (source: Dirk Bogarde)

Ulric, with Flemish ancestry and birthplace in Perry Barr, Birmingham, served as the art editor of The Times, showcasing his creative insight.

In contrast, Margaret Niven, a former actress from Glasgow, Scotland, added a touch of the dramatic arts to the family’s heritage.

Dirk Bogarde was born in West Hampstead, London, specifically at 12 Hemstal Road, and was baptized on October 30, 1921, at St. Mary’s Church in Kilburn.

His siblings included a younger sister, Elizabeth, born in 1924, and a brother named Gareth Ulric Van Den Bogaerde, who later ventured into the world of advertising film production, born in July 1933 in Hendon.

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