Waco: Kathy Schroeder Wikipedia: Who Is She? Husband Kids And Age

Kathy Schroeder

The media and people are curious about Waco: Kathy Schroeder Wikipedia: Who is she? Her husband, kids and age. Read below’s full article to know all about Kathy Schroeder.

The life story of Kathy Schroeder is an example of how resilient people can be. Her personal memoir and various other publications have been written about her experiences.

Her survival of the infamous Waco siege in 1993, which resulted in the deaths of 76 people, including 25 children, is partly responsible for the attention she has attracted.

Kathy, who belonged to David Koresh’s apocalyptic cult, was one of the survivors of the blaze that destroyed the group’s compound. 

Outside her involvement in the Waco siege, Kathy has faced and overcome many obstacles in her life.

Her Wikipedia bio thoroughly accounts for her life,  covering her background, her union with David Thibodeau, another cult member, and her final breakaway.

It also details her work as a mental health advocate and her initiatives to spread awareness of the risks associated with cults and other extremist organizations.

Kathy continues to be a strong and brave advocate for those who cults and other types of abuse have abused despite the trauma she has experienced.

Her experience is a striking reminder of how resilient people can be in the face of unfathomable adversity.

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Waco: Kathy Schroeder Wikipedia: Who Is She?

Although Kathy was raised in a religious household, she didn’t realize her true calling until she left the Air Force and returned to her native Florida. 

She met up with Micheal “Mike” Schroeder, her high school sweetheart, who had joined the Seventh-day Adventist Chruch there.

Motivated by their desire to “live for God” at Mt. Carmel Center outside Waco, they packed up their belongings and moved to Texas in 1989 to join the Branch Davidians.

While David Koresh proclaimed himself the Messiah and forbade marriages within the group, Kathy, Mike, and their three kids chose to remain and continue pursuing a closer relationship with God.

Kathy Schroeder
Kathy interviewed her experiences of the Waco attack and spoke about David Koresh. (Source: Daily Express)

According to her reports, despite living apart, they were happy because they believed they had a purpose in life.

It’s crucial to remember that Kathy passionately supported David when it came to claims that he had sexual intercourse with girls who were significantly younger than 18 as well.

She stated openly in the Netflix production, “People think that a man having sex with a bunch of teenage females is a crime.

And according to prevailing thinking, this is probably quite likely to be the case.

These girls, however, weren’t minors because the legal drinking age is twelve. These females were all considered to be adults in our religion.

In other words, she has never wavered in her commitment to him or their cause.

Kathy Schroeder Husband And Kids

Kathy Schroeder was previously married to Air Force Sgt.  William Mabb. Sadly, they got separated after several years of their marriage.

Then, Kathy got married to Micheal Schroeder. Information about their marriage and date is not currently available to the public.

We will be updating that information as quickly as possible. So, keep in touch.

Kathy Schroeder
A very old photo of Kathy with her group. (Source: Aubtu)

According to the FBI, Micheal Schroeder, 29, was killed on February 28, and his body was discovered 350 yards back the property in a wooded location.

Four government agents and at least one more cult member were also killed. 

Kathy Schroeder Age: how old is she?

Kathy Schroeder was born in 1962. Her exact birthdate is not available to us currently. So, as of 2023, she is 61 years old. We will update Kathy’s birthdate as soon as we receive some information. 

The Cinemaholic reports that the former Branch Davidian is still in touch with her children and currently resides in Tampa,  Florida. 

She continued giving her time to God and had another kid in 1999 with a different lover.

Kathy Schroeder
A very young photo of Kathy Schroeder. (Source: The Cinemaholic)

Kathy relocated to Waco with her husband Micheal and three children from her first marriage before Koresh took control of the Branch Davidians. 

They supported David despite the community’s dissolution of marriages in favor of women marrying him since he was hailed as the upcoming Messiah. 

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