Paul Flores Family Ethnicity Religion And Siblings Background

Paul Flores Family

Paul Flores family consists of his father Ruben R. Flores and his Mother Susan P. Flores.

Mr. Flores gained attention because of the unfortunate incident involving Kristin Smart’s death.

Paul is an individual who was found guilty of a serious crime of murder of a young woman named Kristin Smart.

Paul is currently serving his prison sentence in California. Kristin’s story began in 1996 when she was a California Polytechnic State University college freshman.

Unfortunately, Kristin went missing, and her disappearance raised many questions.

Paul Flores, a student at the same University, was suspected of Kristin’s disappearance.

However, it wasn’t until 2021 that he was arrested in connection with the case.

In 2022, he faced trial and was found guilty of the first-degree murder charge for causing Kristin Smart’s death.

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Paul Flores Family Ethnicity And Religion

Paul Flores comes from San Pedro, Los Angeles, California. He gained attention because of the unfortunate incident involving Kristin’s Smart death.

Paul was convicted of killing Kristin in 1996 and the jury sentenced him to 25 years to life in prison without parole in California in March 2023.

Paul’s parents are Ruben R. Flores (father) and Susan P. Flores (Mother). He was born in 1977, which makes him 46 years old.

Paul Flores Family
Paul Flores is in prison for the murder of Kristin Smart.(Source:

His family lives in Arroyo Grande California. Paul’s Father Ruben was also connected to the case regarding Kristin’s disappearance.

Both Paul and his father were arrested for Kristin’s alleged murder. Ruben was held on a $250000 bond.

In March 2021, authorities searched Ruben’s house with cadaver dogs and radar, almost 25 years after Kristin went missing.

Paul is a native of California and holds American nationality. He is often referred to as Caucasian, which is his ethnicity.

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Does Paul Flores Have Siblings?

There isn’t much information available about Paul’s family including whether he has siblings.

During the trial, an audio conversation was brought up between Paul and his mother, Susan.

In this conversation from January 26, 2020, Susan suggested that Paul listen to a podcast called “Your Own Backyard.” The podcast was related to Kristin’s death.

It was reported that Paul’s father, Rubem was accused of helping his son hide Kristin’s remains under a deck in Arroyo Grande and had been assisting him for around 26 years.

Paul Flores received a sentence of 25 years to life in prison. His conviction brought closure to a case that had attracted much attention over the years.

Recently, while he was in prison, he was attacked by someone else and had to be taken to a hospital for medical treatment.

Thankfully his condition improved from being serious to “fair” after receiving medical care.

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Paul Flores Murdered Kristin Smart

The murder of Kristin Smart happened because of the actions of Paul Flores. Kristin was a California Polytechnic State University college student where Paul went too.

On the night of May 25, 1996, she attended a party off campus. Kristin was found passed out on a neighbor’s lawn, and two students helped her return to her dorm room.

Paul Flores Family
Paul Flores attempted to rape Kristin Smart and is in prison for murder. (Source: People Magazine)

Paul Flores, another student joined them and offered to help Kristin get back to her dorm since it was close to his.

However, after that night Kristin Smart disappeared and was never seen again. Investigations revealed that Paul Flores was the last person seen with her.

It was suspected that Paul attempted to rape Kristin leading to her murder. Despite the extensive searches to find her her body was never found.

In 2021, Paul Flores and his Father Ruben were arrested and taken into custody concerning Kristin’s disappearance.

In October 2022, Paul Flores was found guilty of first-degree murder in the case. The exact motive behind the murder hasn’t been revealed.

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