Vtuber Froot Cheating Drama And Controversy: Who Is Her Husband?

VTuber Froot

Froot Cheating Drama: Did the well-known English VTuber cheat on her ex-husband when they were together? She was the subject of rumors that she had an affair with him while he was in the military.

Apricot the Lich is a female English VTuber and illustrator who made her debut on November 27, 2020. She is also popularly known by her moniker, Froot. She is a member of the American VTuber firm VShojo’s first generation.

A melancholy Lich who spends her days creating art in her underworld fortress. Once she realized she could harvest human souls by passing them off as Twitch subscriptions, she decided to start streaming. She aspires to one day launch her own virtual fashion line and is a hopeless necromantic.

Froot is a sweet and playful chuunibyou who enjoys singing, playing video games, creating art, and simply chatting on stream. He exudes calmness and speaks in a high-pitched, gentle voice.

As for her appearance on the website, initially gives off the impression of being human, but she has long, pointed ears and four dark purple horns that curl back from her head. She has lengthy “tails” in front of her neck that is turquoise in color with emerald green highlights. Her face tattoos glow green while she is doing magic, and she has emerald green eyes. She has wings that resemble bat wings.

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Vtuber Froot Cheating Drama 

According to rumors that circulated about the VTuber, “Froot was caught cheating on her husband while deployed to Afghanistan.” However, these claims are not supported by any credible evidence.

Vtuber Froot Cheating Drama
Lich Vtuber Froot was rumored to be cheating on her husband (Source: YouTube)

Apart from a few messages on Discord, there isn’t much information or sufficient evidence to back up the claim. Both the subject and the putative ex-husband apparently served in the military for around a year. Therefore, it’s possible that this information was made up. The majority of the information is derived from Reddit posts without any supporting images and easily falsifiable Discord messages.

Vtuber Froot Controversy 

After Froot’s husband was deployed to Afghanistan, she allegedly began having extramarital affairs with other people and patch makers. And according to some allegations, she had sex with five different men during that time.

VTuber Froot cheated on her military husband with five other guys (Source: YouTube)

According to an anonymous comment, Lich claimed that she only had a relationship with her stalker, who infuriated or disagreed with him by making the private correspondence public. And it found out that she has a history of doing this, in accordance with the same comment.

Vtuber Froot: Who Is Her Husband?

The former couple used to own an art shop called “Desynchronizer” together, where they sold anime patches, and her ex-husband’s last name is Gonzalez, but we don’t know what his real name is.

Through the same Facebook art store page, they used to run together, people were made aware of his past military service as a tanker. After the controversy, they are reportedly no longer together.

Regarding her vtubing career, on November 27, 2020, after being raided by Nyanners, IronMouse, ProjektMelody, Bunny_GIF, Silvervale, and a number of other VTubers, she made her Twitch debut as the first generation of the newly established agency VShojo with over 13,600 viewers and 18,049 followers.

Froot Ex-husband
NEW EVIDENCE: Froot caught cheating on her husband while deployed to Afghanistan #VSHOJO CONTROVERSY (Source: YouTube)

In terms of her friendships, Apricot gets along well with other members of the first generation in VShojo such as Hime, Zentreya, Projekt Melody, Ironmouse, Nyanners, and Silvervale.

She worked on their artistic debuts, designed the Live2D models for Hime and Lord Commander Chaos, and designed clothes for a number of them. A number of her fellow independent Vloggers, including Snuffy, Bunny_GIF, FeFe, Comdost, Natsumi Moe, and Momo, are also pals with the streamer.

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