Who Are Vasek Pospisil Parents Milos Pospisil And Mila Pospisil?

Vasek Pospisil Parents

Vasek Pospisil parents supported him wholeheartedly as he embarked on a  journey to become a professional tennis player. They showed their unwavering belief in his talent.

Vasek Pospisil is a talented Canadian professional tennis player. He has a career-high world singles ranking of No. 25 and No. 4 in doubles.

He secured victory at the 2014 Wimbledon Championships with his partner, Jack Sock. Likewise, he also won the 2015 Indian Wells Masters men’s doubles title.

Highlighting his versatility, he secured a spot in the quarterfinals of the singles category at the 2015 Wimbledon Championships.

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Vasek Pospisil Parents Milos Pospisil And Mila Pospisil

Vasek Pospisil’s parents are Milos (father) and Mila Pospisil (mother). He was born to them in June 1990 in Vernon, British Columbia.

1988, the couple moved out of Czechoslovakia to escape the communist system. They relocated to Austria and Canada with their two first children, Tom and Petz.

The duo was even required to learn English upon arrival in Canada to overcome the language difficulties. Milos worked at a flour plant and as a hardware administrator at a brewery.

Interestingly, Milos’s interest in tennis increased after the birth of his third child, Vasek.

To help and mentor his two older children, Tom and Petr, he coached them on local tennis courts and watched television matches he had recorded.

Vasek Pospisil Parents
Vasek Pospisil shares a close bond with his father, Milos. (Image source: Instagram)

Mila dealt with the family’s success in Canada, enabling her better half and their kids to work hard and succeed in their endeavors.

Taking an interest in sports, Vasek started playing tennis when he was seven.

Under the guidance of his father, Milos, he honed his tennis skills until he turned 12.

Later on, around 2002, Vasek met Vadim Korkh, a tennis instructor who was born in Russia in Vernon, and he became his most enduring professional mentor.

However, after two years, in 2004, the athlete’s father relocated to Vancouver and began serving as his full-time coach.

Vasek Pospisil Brothers

Apart from Vasek Pospisil’s parents, the Canadian tennis player’s family includes his two older brothers, Tom and Petr Pospisil.

The three brothers presently live in Vancouver, Canada.

Tom and Petr were both born in Czechoslovakia before their family escaped. Vasek, the youngest child, was born in Canada a year later, and the family relocated to their new home nation.

Vasek and his senior brother Tom set out on a memorable excursion on August 21, 2016, with the tennis player sharing their anticipation in an Instagram post that read,

“Two brothers while heading to Nashville.”

Vasek Pospisil Parents
Vasek Pospisil is blessed with two brothers. (Image source: Instagram)

Tom is the family’s eldest child. His friends and family call him Tommy.

He is the organizer behind Roboto, Inc. Tom is a business visionary with 15 years of experience in programming development.

On the other hand, Vasek’s brother, Petr, is the middle child of the Pospisil family.

He set up a wedding party when he married Erica in 2017, and the celebration was a grand event filled with joy and love.

Does Vasek Pospisil Have a girlfriend?

The tennis player Vasek Pospisil generally prefers to keep his dating life out of the media, indicating a priority for his professional endeavors over his love life.

Presently, he appears unattached, though, in the past, he was rumored to be romantically linked with a woman named Lauren Elizah.

Their relationship began around the close of 2020, as the year was coming to an end.

Elizah is a Canadian supermodel and social media personality. Her stunning appearance and passionate personality have taken her to the forefront.

Vasek Pospisil parents
Vasek Pospisil was rumored to be dating Lauren Elizah. (Image source: Instagram)

She began her profession with little photoshoots and magazine covers, gradually building her portfolio and reputation.

Ultimately, she consistently rose to fame through her dedication and talent, capturing people’s attention from every corner of the world.

So far, we are unsure if the couple is together since no updates are available to confirm their current status.

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