Peter Dobson Boxer Wikipedia Age Married Wife And Net Worth

Peter Dobson Boxer Wikipedia

Peter Dobson, the Bronx-bred middleweight champ with a knockout journey of 16 wins and a fighting spirit that packs a punch in and out of the ring.

Peter “Pistol Pete” Dobson is a professional boxer hailing from the Bronx, New York. He has an impressive pro record of 16 wins, 1 loss, and no draws.

Dobson’s last scheduled match was against Conor Benn on February 3, 2024, where he suffered a loss via unanimous decision.

Unfortunately, some of Peter’s bouts were canceled, including one against KeAndrae Leatherwood and another against Caoimhin Agyarko.

Throughout his career, Dobson has faced both victories and losses, with notable wins against fighters like Andres Viera, and Salim Larbi.

His fighting journey includes participation in exhibition boxing matches as well, adding an extra dimension to his experience. His nickname “Pistol Pete,” adds a touch of flair to his boxing persona making him a noteworthy figure in the boxing community.

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Peter Dobson Boxer Wikipedia And Age

Peter Dobson Boxer wikipedia provides comprehensive information about his career. He is a seasoned middleweight boxer from Bronx, NY, who embodies a 17-year journey in the ring.

Peter Dobson Boxer Wikipedia
Peter Dobson has been fighting for decades. (Source: Instagram)

Despite facing challenges with managers, promoters, and opponents withdrawing from fights, Peter’s resilience shines through.

At 33, standing at 5’10” with an orthodox stance, the athlete has become a prominent figure in the boxing world with his divine performances.

Moreover, Dobson boasts an impressive record as the WBC(USNBC) champion, NYC Golden Gloves champion, and NYC Metro Champion.

The champion’s victories include memorable bouts against Emmanuel Medina in July 2019, Jeremy Nichols in March 2017, and Miguel Borregga in February 2022.

With a fighting spirit that has weathered ups and downs, the Pro’s dedication to his craft is evident. As an active member of the NYC Attitude team, he brings his skills to the ring, winning 2 rounds while enduring 7 losses.

Despite the setbacks, Dobson remains focused on the next challenges He is working hard to get the title.

Peter Dobson Wife: Is He Married?

The MMA player has been a private person when it comes down to his matters. He has been open about his struggles and details about his career.

Peter Dobson Boxer Wikipedia
Peter Dobson with a kid. (Source: Instagram)

Nevertheless, the boxer has not mentioned his marital status yet. He certainly has been in a few relationships in the past.

However, Peter has not explicitly mentioned having a wife in any of his interviews. He certainly prefers to keep certain aspects of his life hidden.

While Dobson often shares pictures and updates about his fights and achievements on his social media, there are no posts that hint at his possible relationship status.

Nonetheless, Peter has shared a picture of him holding a kid on his Instagram account. It appears that he is closely related to the kid.

What Is Peter Dobson Networth?

Peter Dobson, the middleweight boxer may not have a disclosed net worth available, but considering his extensive career and achievements, it is reasonable to estimate that he has accumulated a substantial income.

With a record of 16 wins and only one loss in professional boxing, including victories against notable opponents, Dobson has likely earned a considerable amount through fight purses, bonuses, and potential endorsement deals.

As a WBC (USNBC) champion, Dobson’s success in various championships and his status as an active fighter contribute to his financial standing.

While the exact figures are not disclosed, it is common for successful and well-known fighters to generate income through their fights, sponsorships, and appearances.

Given the popularity of the UFC and combat sports, top athletes like Dobson often enjoy financial success beyond their fight earnings, thanks to endorsement and sponsorship deals.

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