Vanessa Aleksander Partner – Is She Married? Age Wikipedia Bio And Instagram

Vanessa Aleksander Partner

Vanessa Aleksander Partner is Maciej Musiałowski and she is not married yet. Vanessa is a Polish-Slovak actress popular for Polish movies like The Hater, Legendy Polskie Smok and Wojenne dziewczyny.

According to Polish media, The acting couple Vanessa Aleksander and Maciej Musialowski were seen together and inseparable at the Eagles gala event. Maciej is well known for the movie called Suicide Room Haters by Jan Komasa and also for the TV series called Second Chance.

Maciej Musialowski is well known for his talent and hardworking in the industry at a young age. He grew up with parents who were artists, too, giving him a different perspective on many things. His colleagues could never appreciate that and persecuted Musialowski for that difference.

Vanessa Alexander is a Polish actress who was also on the cast of Suicide Room Haters. She has been passionate about being an actress since her childhood. While Aleksander was in Warsaw acting school, the actress got an opportunity to appear in a Television series called War Girls, which helped her be more recognizable.

However, she became widely famous after doing a movie with Jan Komasa. At the event, Eagles’ gala, these two were the most photographed couples.

Vanessa Aleksander Partner – Is She Married?

No, Vanessa Aleksander is not married yet. The couple of Vanessa and Musialowski are a hit couple from the movie called Suicide Room Haters made by Jan Komasa. Various rumours are circulating in the Polish media that the on-screen Vanessa Aleksander Partner is Maciej Musiałowski and also off-screen.

Vanessa Aleksander Partner
Maciej Musialowski and Vanessa Aleksander at Eagle’s Gala. (Source: Viva)

However, there is no solid proof that both are partners in real life. Fans and followers like the couple and want them to be together in real life too. Vanessa is happy with her private life and shares her pictures with other artists on social media.

She mostly shares photos from the film set and posts photos from her personal life. Even though they have not confirmed their relationship yet, there is a doubtful photo of the alleged partner on Vanessa’s Instagram.

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Vanessa Aleksander Age and Wikipedia Bio

Vanessa was born on 16th September 1996 in Poland. So, her age is 25 years old. Her parents are former figure skaters Pole and Slovak Renata Aleksander. She grew up in Poland and identified as Polish and Slovak. Her first movie, a child artist, was on the stage of the Rampa Theater in 2009.

Vanessa Aleksander Partner
Vanessa Aleksander Photoshoot from 2020. (Source: Facebook)

And in 2014, she debuted on television series called Father Mateusz. In the series called War Girls, her role was a war girl, which made her famous in 2017, and she is still in the series. She received the leading acting award in 2019 for Be an eagle don’t lower your flights on the 37th festival.

The following year, she graduated from the acting department of the Theater Academy and played a role in Jan Komasa’s movie Suide Room Haters. In 2021, She led the Polish version of the Hit British comedy series The Office; the show is named The Office PL.

Vanessa Aleksander Partner
Vanessa Aleksander with the Polish version of The Office PL crew. (Source: Instagram)

Vanessa has also joined as a host for a radio company called Newonce to broadcast Bolesne mornings.

Vanessa Aleksander Instagram

Vanessa Aleksander’s Instagram account is @vanessaalxndr. She has about 83k followers on Instagram. Most of the photos from her Instagram are related to the movies she plays. There are a few of her personal life photos too.

Vanessa Aleksander Partner
Vanessa Aleksander’s recent picture from her Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

A photo grabbed the audience’s attention, and they thought that the actress was dating the on-screen partner in real life. The admirers of Vanessa and Musialowski were speculating about the dating between them from the set of Suicide Room Hater.

However, the duo denied the rumours and assured all the followers that they were just friends and were not dating.

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