Valentina De Andrade Wikipedia: Age Family And Net Worth

Valentina De Andrade Wikipedia

Valentina De Andrade wikipedia has been the most searched topic on the internet as many are curious about her personal life. The article discusses her age, family, and net worth. 

Valentina de Andrade was the leader of the sect known as “Superior Universal Alignment” (Lineamento Universal Superior or LUS) in Brazil.

She gained notoriety for her involvement in a series of brutal crimes that took place in Altamira, Brazil.

The crimes involved the abduction, torture, castration, and murder of young boys between the ages of 8 and 14.  As the leader of the sect, Valentina de Andrade was accused of orchestrating these heinous acts.

Valentina de Andrade’s whereabouts and activities remained relatively unknown after her acquittal.

Let’s read more and explore Valentina De Andrade wikipedia, age, and net worth.

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Valentina De Andrade Wikipedia And Age

Valentina de Andrade is a Brazilian cult leader who gained notoriety for her involvement in the “Superior Universal Alignment” (Lineamento Universal Superior or LUS) sect.

She was accused of leading a group that committed heinous crimes, including the castration and murder of young boys in the town of Altamira, Brazil, between 1989 and 1993.

Her sect believed that boys born after 1981 were possessed by the devil and needed to be killed to save them.

Valentina de Andrade wikipedia is not available as of now.

However, it is quite common for people like her to have Wikipedia pages created or updated over time as their popularity increases.

Valentina De Andrade Wikipedia
Valentina De Andrade was clicked during her trial (Source: G1 – Globo)

Born in Brazil, Valentina de Andrade’s age is not explicitly mentioned. However, it was stated that she died on December 31, 2022, in the city of Londrina, ParanĂ¡, Brazil, at the age of 91. 

Valentina’s trial, which occurred in 2003, was one of the longest and most emblematic in the history of the ParĂ¡ judiciary.

Despite accusations and evidence presented against her, she was acquitted due to a lack of sufficient evidence. The case continues to draw attention and remains a dark chapter in Brazil’s history.

Valentina De Andrade Family

There is limited information available about Valentina De Andrade’s family. Most of the available information focuses on her involvement as the alleged Satanic cult leader and its associated crimes. 

The media coverage and legal proceedings surrounding the cult and the crimes committed overshadow any details about Valentina De Andrade’s personal family life.

It is unclear whether she had a spouse, children, or other immediate family members. The focus of the coverage primarily revolves around criminal activities and subsequent trials.

Valentina De Andrade Wikipedia
Valentina De Andrade ordered the murder of three boys and the castration of two others between 1989 and 1993 in Altamira, Brazil (Source: Al Jazeera)

It’s important to note that some individuals involved in criminal activities or notorious cases prefer to keep their personal and family information private.

In particular, when they are not directly involved in the person’s actions or criminal charges

As such, without authoritative and publicly available information, it is best to refrain from speculating or sharing unverified details about Valentina de Andrade’s family.

Valentina De Andrade Net Worth

There is no information available regarding Valentina de Andrade’s net worth.

Valentina de Andrade was a Brazilian cult leader who was allegedly involved in heinous crimes, including murder, and she was acquitted in a high-profile trial in 2003.

Due to the nature of her activities and the criminal charges against her, Valentina de Andrade was not known for fair financial works or public importance in the business world.

Valentina De Andrade Wikipedia
Valentina De Andrade was spotted outside of the court after the trial (Source: O Globo)

As a result, her net worth was not a widely reported or relevant topic of discussion.

It’s important to note that net worth can change over time which often exploits their followers, manipulate their finances, and engage in illegal activities, which can complicate attempts to evaluate their true net worth.

Moreover, Valentina De Andrade’s activities led to criminal charges and legal consequences, further complicating any estimation of her financial status.

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