Utah: Jordan Boone Missing Or Found? Case Details And Biography

Jordan Boone

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Timothy Jordan Boone, a 36-year-old, along with his two dogs, went missing. One of the dogs was found in Emery County, Utah, which is close to Moab.

On August 5, 2021, the Grand County Sheriff’s Office requested assistance from the public in finding a missing man from the Moab area.

Ryan, a content creator known for sharing his adventures exploring historical and archaeological discoveries, recently shared a video where he stumbled upon several intriguing items in the middle of the desert in Utah, approximately 40 miles outside of Moab.

The items he found included a chair, a backpack, a hiking backpack, a guitar, blankets, and clothes.

The discovery was quite unsettling, as it was evident that these belongings belonged to someone.

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Utah: Jordan Boone Missing Or Found?

There are no updates about Jordan Boone missing case; however, his belongings were found by TikToker, who makes videos of adventurous things.

TikToker Ryan mentioned that he would reveal the contents of the backpacks he found at the site in a later post.

However, a couple of days later, he updated his followers, stating that he had been in contact with the authorities and that there had been a significant development.

Out of respect for the ongoing investigation, Ryan decided not to disclose the contents of the backpacks.

Jordan Boone missing
Today is your birthday, the second one since you’ve been gone. It’s also Mother’s day. (Source: Facebook)

On May 28, 2023, Ryan provided another update that reflected his evident emotional impact and struggles to articulate the situation.

He shared that shortly after posting the video of his discovery, a family contacted him, firmly believing that the items belonged to their missing family member who had vanished over one and a half years ago.

Ryan received a subsequent call from the family confirming that the belongings had been officially identified by the authorities as those of Timothy “Jordan” Boone, a 36-year-old man who went missing in August 2021 along with his pitbull mix dog.

Jordan Boone case details

On August 1, 2021, Jordan embarked on a camping trip in his van with his dog, Lily, as well as his brother’s dog, Cooper, who accompanied him.

Jordan, who is bipolar, was experiencing a manic episode at the time, prompting his family to alert local law enforcement to keep an eye on him.

It appears that his van became stuck due to local flooding, leading him to abandon it in search of help.

Jordan Boone
Jordan has been missing since the beginning of August 2021. (Source: Facebook)

He took the dogs and the belongings discovered in Ryan’s video, with the guitar holding significant sentimental value for Jordan.

On August 3, 2021, a couple passing by picked up Jordan and brought him to Huntington, Utah. He received medical attention from EMTs, who found him dehydrated and wearing a wet suit, which seemed to resemble a SUBA diving suit, although precise details are limited.

An officer assisted him in securing a hotel room and contacted his family to inform them of the situation.

Jordan Boone biography

There are few details about Jordan Boone’s disappearance, as his family has kept the information private.

According to the Facebook page that was created to update Jordan Boone missing case, he celebrates his birthday on May 14.

It’s worth noting that Boone has several non-colored tattoos that were not uploaded on his NamUs page.

Jordan Boone
Jordan Boone and his dog (Source: Facebook)

These additional tattoos include the Star Wars rebel symbol on the back of his right hand, a round eagle on the back of his left hand, an eagle feather attached to a daisy on his left forearm, and a bird on his upper left chest.

The police did not officially list Jordan as a missing person until July 7, 2022, almost a year after he went missing.

This delay in reporting was due to an error made by the authorities, which might explain the lack of press coverage or official statements regarding his disappearance.

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