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One of the hottest MCs in current hip hop Micheal Ray Stevenson, known professionally as Tyga, has a net worth of $5 million.

To date, Tyga has released seven studio albums, three compilation albums, 46 music videos, and 75 singles.

The Grammy-nominated rapper started off his career by releasing mixtapes eventually signing record deals with several well-known record labels.

Rapper Tyga
Rapper Tyga (Source: Us Weekly)

After working on several independent releases, the rapper signed a contract with Republic Records and Young Money Entertainment and Cash Money Records in 2008.

Tyga has sold 12.2 million digital singles and more than 600,000 albums as a solo artist.

Similarly, he has collaborated with several A-list hip hop artists and musicians over the years, including Lil Wayne, Eminem, Drake, Kanye West, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, and 2 Chainz.

Tyga | Quick Facts

Let’s check out some quick facts about Tyga before jumping into the details:

Full Name Micheal Ray Stevenson
Moniker Tyga, T-Raww
Date of Birth November 19, 1989
Birth Place Compton, California, United States
Residence Los Angeles, California, United States
Age 34 Years Old
Net Worth $5 Million
Source of Wealth Music



Profession Rapper

Music Artist

Record Producer


Music Type Hip Hop
Debut Album No Introduction (2008)
Labels Last King Records, EMPIRE, Young Money Entertainment, Cash Money Records, Interscope Records, Republic Records, Columbia Records, GOOD Music, Universal Motown Records, Decaydance
Height 5 Feet 7 Inches, 1.17m, 117 cm
Ethnicity African American
Weight 67 KG, 147 lbs.
Shoe Size 9 (US)
Build Slim
Distinctive Features Slim build

Lots of tattoos

Often wears a hat

Website Tyga
Nationality American
Religion Unspecified Christian
Marital Status Divorced
Former Spouse Jordan Craig ​( m. 2010; ann. 2011)
Ex-Partners Blac Chyna (2011–2014) Kylie Jenner (2014–2017)
Children King Cairo Stevenson
Mother Pasionaye Nguyen
Maternal Grandmother Kim/Kimberly Nguyen
Manager Anthony Martini from The CMSN
Eye Color Light Brown
Hair Color Black
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Scorpio
Active Since 2004-Present
Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify
TV Shows Scream: The TV Series
Genre Hip Hop
Endorsements Reebok
Awards Nominations 1 Grammy Award

2 BET Awards

1 BET Hip Hop Awards

1 American Music Award

World Music Award

Merchandise Signed Photo, Vinyl Record
Last Update April 2024

Tyga Net Worth & Income

An American rapper, songwriter, and actor Tyga’s net worth as of April 2024  is a whopping $5 million.

The rapper is popular for his hit songs Rack City, Faded, and Far Away.

He is one of the biggest hitmakers in the music industry. To date, Tyga has released 14 RIAA-certified Platinum records. Similarly, 32 of his songs have reached the Billboard Top 100.

Tyga's Live Performance
Tyga’s Live Performance (Source: MelodyVR)

Though he made a name for himself, dating Blac Chanya and Kylie Jenner, he struggled to keep his finances in shape.

Tyga’s net worth was much higher in the past, but because of a few bad financial decisions and IRS hit, it dropped significantly.

Let’s check out Tyga’s net worth over the years.

Year Net Worth
2012 $6 Million
2013 $7 Million
2014 $9 Million
2015 $11 Million
2016 $12 Million
2017 $2 Million
2018 $3 Million
2019 $3 Million
2020 $5 Million
2021 $5 Million
2022 $5 Million

In a typical year, Tyga makes around $3.7 million from his various pursuits.

He makes healthy money from his album sales, digital music streaming, social media endorsements, businesses, and live shows and features.

While it is unknown how much Tyga exactly charges for a feature, some sources claim that he demands six-figure for a normal feature. That’s like thousands of dollars per line in a verse.

So how much has Tyga made from his music and side pursuits:

Source Income
Mixtapes and Collaborations $3 Million
Concert & Tours $7.4 Million
Studio Album $1.9 Million
Endorsements $6 Million

In 2009 Tyga made around $350,000 from the sale of his album “We Are Young Money”, which sold approximately 500,000 copies.

Similarly, his album “Careless World: Rise of the Last King” sold over 340,000 copies in total, out of which Tyga made $365,000.

Financial Meltdown

Tyga has been involved in several tax evasions scandals over the course of his career.  In 2014 IRS hit Tyga with $120,000 of unpaid tax bills.

Similarly, the following year the state of California hit Tyga with $19,000 worth of unpaid taxes.

Aside from that, in 2018, Tyga sued Lil Wayne, owner of Young Money, and Birdman, owner of Cash Money record label, for not paying him royalties for several years.

Social Media and Streaming Income

Albeit his financial troubles, controversies, and legal issues, Tyga has quite a fan following in his social media and music streaming platforms.

After all, he is one of the most talented rappers in the industry.

Tyga’s Instagram has 32.9 million followers, which means he made good money from his sponsored posts and shoutouts.

Reportedly, the rapper charges around $41,000 for a sponsored post on the platform.

Similarly, his YouTube channel has over 10 million subscribers with nearly 5 billion total views.

According to Social Blade, Tyga’s channel makes around $2.1 million each year.

Apart from that, Tyga has over 26 million monthly listeners on Spotify with billions of streams. His song ‘Taste’ alone has over 700 million streams.

Though the exact figure is not available, we are pretty sure the rapper earns pretty decent from the platform.

Net Worth of Tyga in Different Currencies

Let us get a better insight into Tyga’s net worth in different currencies, including the famed crypto Bitcoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 4,247,619
Pound Sterling £ 3,636,760
Australian Dollar A$ 6,788,865
Canadian Dollar C$ 6,282,250
Indian Rupee ₹ 372,137,500
BitCoin ฿ 146.43

Tyga | Houses & Cars


Even though it was widely reported that the rapper Tyga owns a big mansion in Calabasas, California, worth $6.5 million; the news was not true at all. It was also reported that Tyga purchased the mansion for Blac Chyna after their son was born.

Well, it is true that Tyga lived like a king in several Calabasas estates, but they all were rented.

And interestingly, he was not the ideal tenant either.

He was sued by the former landlords in June 2015 for failing to pay more than $80,000 in rent.

With all the interests and penalties, the amount owed was around $124,000.

He was sued once again by the different landlord for failing to pay more than $50,000 in rent at another Calabasa house.


Rappers are known for their show-off attitude, and Tyga is no exception. Some sources claim that Tyga has an extravagant collection of wheels.

According to the report, his collection of rides includes Ferrari 812 Superfast, Rolls Royce Cullinan Black Badge, Lamborghini Aventador S Custom, Bugatti Veyron, Mercedes G500 4×4, Ferrari La-Ferrari, and Mercedes GLS 600.

Tyga La Ferrari
Tyga La-Ferrari (Source: WGCI-FM)

While his stature as a renowned rapper justifies his collection of cars but given his history with the IRS, the Californian state, and legal issues, we cannot say for sure that Tyga owns all these automobiles.

To top it off, in February 2016, Tyga’s Mercedes G-Wagon was in the process of being repossessed. With all this news, it’s pretty hard to tell what car he actually owns.

Tyga | Lifestyle

Tyga is the prime example of the stereotypical rapper. He loves flaunting his bling, cheese, and other material possession.

The rapper lives a lavish lifestyle, but what does he spend his money on?

To give you an insight, back in 2016, the rapper forked out $4,500 for an 18-carat custom Grillz with 1,400 diamonds.

He also splashed over $200,000 to purchase his then-girlfriend Kylie Jenner a brand new Mercedes-Benz Maybach.

Astonishingly, Tyga once owned a pet Bengal tiger. Pretty fitting, aye?

Similarly, Tyga is a sneakerhead. He has a great love for kicks and has claimed that he throws away sneakers after wearing them once.

As for his personal life, Tyga, in October 2011, attended Chris Brown’s tour after party at the King of Diamonds club in Miami, where he met Blac Chyna.

The two began dating and became an official couple a month later.

Together they share a son named King Cairo Stevenson, born in October 2012.

The pair got engaged in December of 2012 and called it quits in 2014.

Tyga Net Worth- Tyga Kylie
Tyga Kylie (Source: The Sun)

Following that, Tyga began dating Kylie Jenner and became an official couple just days after Kylie’s 18th birthday.

After dating for several, they split in April 2017.


Back in 2015, Tyga, along with his then-girlfriend Kylie Jenner, went to Mexico for a vacation. The then couple were seen holding hands while walking on the beach.

Similarly, they traveled to several exotic destinations, including an exclusive trip to Turks and Caicos while together.

Likewise, in 2015 Tyga joined the Kardashian family on their trip to the Caribbean island.

Tyga | Charity

Tyga launched a campaign Tyga R.O.A.R in 2011 at his school in Gardena, targeting economically challenged and underprivileged youths to pursue further education.

The title of the campaign stands for Tyga Reaches Out And Represents.

It aimed to empower youths to realize their full potential. The rapper ran talks on the importance of anti-drugs, education, and the challenges the kids might face during the campaign.

Similarly, in 2018 Tyga, along with Iggy Azalea, appeared in a celebrity charity basketball game in Los Angeles.

Moreover, the rapper has also donated to The Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Disease of LA Children’s Hospital and School on Wheels.

Tyga | Endorsements & Investments


Rapper Tyga has been associated with tons of brands over the course of his career.

To date, Tyga has earned more than $6 million from promotion deals with several top-tier brands.

The rap star has had tons of high-profile endorsement deals with Reebok, SOL Headphones, Porsche, and Foot Locker.

Tyga Net Worth Tyga in Commercial of Reebok (Source: Sneaker News)
Tyga in Commercial of Reebok aLong With Shaq (Source: Sneaker News)

He even appeared in an ad for Reebok alongside legendary basketball player Shaquille O’Neal.

Aside from that, Tyga has endorsed 138 Water, CRISP, LA Gear, and boohooMAN.


Tyga runs his clothing store named Last Kings in Los Angeles, California.

Interestingly, he splashed $120,000 just in decoration to create the distinct Egyptian interior.

Moreover, Tyga has earned around $1.5 million from the sales of merchandise since 2008.

His merchandise includes hats, shirts, and other products, which can be attributed to 20% of his concert tour earnings.

Tyga | Career

Tyga was born to Vietnamese-Jamaican parents. He was raised in Compton, Los Angeles, until he was around 11, and his family moved to a suburb of Gardena.

Tyga has also claimed that he lived in an affluent home in San Fernando Valley, and his parents drove a Range Rover.

Well, there is no reason to falsify his claims. Is there?

Tyga Net Worth- Tyga
Tyga (Source: KKTV)

Moving on, Tyga grew up listening to Lil Wayne, Eminem, Cam’ron, and Fabolous, among others.

At the beginning of his career, Tyga released several demo tapes and mixtapes.

In 2007 he released his debut mixtape titled “Young on Probation”. The mixtape garnered the attention of Travie McCoy, lead vocalist of Gym Class Heroes, subsequently landing Tyga a recording deal.

Unknown Facts About Tyga

  • Tyga re-does the paint job of his cars each month “to keep things fresh.”
  • Similarly, the rapper loves collecting old arcade games, basketball in particular.
  • Tyga declared bankruptcy in 2010.
  • Tyga had his first tattoo when he was just 14.


Are Tyga and Travie McCoy related?

Yes. Travie is the cousin of Tyga.

How old was Kylie when she dated Tyga?

Tyga was 25, and Kylie was only 17 at the time.

How many tattoos does Tyga have?

Tyga has over 50 tattoos inked all over his body.

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