Shamima Begum Religion, Muslim Or Christian? Parents And Ethnicity

Shamima Begum Religion

Shamima Begum Religion is Muslim, not Christian. Shamima is a British-born woman who went to Syria at 15 to join the terror group.

Shamima was just 15 when she traveled from Gatwick Airport to Syria with her two classmates. The teenagers from Bethnal Green Academy in east London went to Syria a few months back, and those three were going to join them. After staying in Syria, Shamima married an ISIS fighter and lived in Raqqa for multiple years.

She reappeared in 2019 in al-Hawl, the refugee camp of more than 39,000 people. Before giving birth, she told UK newspaper that she wanted to travel back home to give birth to her child. She had two children before, who died from malnutrition and illness.

Later in the same year, she gave birth to her third child Jarrah, in al-Hawl. His health condition of Jarrah was not good, and he was transferred to the main hospital from the camp in al-Hasakah City.

The British government spokesperson said that any child’s death is profoundly distressful and full of tragedy for the family. However, he also added one should travel to Syria to join a terrorist group since 2011.

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Shamima Begum Religion, Muslim Or Christian?

Shamima Begum Religion is undoubtedly Muslim, and she is not Christian. Muslim parents raised Begum in the Bethnal Green area of Tower Hamlets, East London. She got her secondary education from the Bethnal Green Academy.

Shamima Begum Religion
Shamima Begum on her burqa. (Source: Evening Standards)

She left the country with her two friends, Amira Abase and Kadiza Sultana; all three left the United Kingdom in 2015 at 15.

They traveled from Turkey to reach Syria. After their departure, her sister thought they went there to find and bring back a friend named Sharmeena Begum, who traveled to Syria in 2014.

Begum has been an enforcer or recruiter in ISIL’s morality police and has tried recruiting multiple teenage girls to join jihadists. According to ISIL’s law, she earned a reputed post of enforcer and was allowed to carry a rifle.

An anti-ISIL activist reported to the Telegraph media that Begum has an allegation of stitching suicide bombs in the vests, which could not be removed without detonation.

Shamima Begum Parents – Ahmed Ali And Shahnaz Begum

The father of Shamima is Ahmed Ali, and her mother’s name is Shahnaz Begum. Her father stated on her departure that if she admitted and felt sorry about the mistake, he would feel sorry for her and others; however, Begum never accepted that it was wrongdoing for her.

Shamima Begum Religion
Ahmed Ali, father of Shamima Begum. (Source: BBC)

After Shamima and her friends left the country. The Education secretary Nicky Morgan once said that they prayed and hoped for the safe return of the girls to the UK.

After ten days after her arrival, she married Yago Riedijk, a Dutch-born man who was converted to Islam after he arrived in Syria in 2014.

The government of Dutch does not recognize the marriage of Begum and Yago because Begum was underage at the time.

Begum gave birth to three children, but unfortunately, they could not survive; her youngest child was born in February 2019 and died a month later from a lung infection.

Shamima Begum Ethnicity

Begum was born in England to immigrant parents who came from Bangladeshi origin and hold citizenship of Bangladesh. Begum does not have any other nationality currently. The father of Begum resides in Bangladesh, and the mother is also supposedly in Bangladesh.

Shamima Begum Religion
Begum pictured at a refugee camp in northern Syria. (Source: CNN)

A government official has argued about the law of Bangladesh, which automatically makes Begum a citizen of the country. In 2022, journalist Josh Baker retraced the routes via Turkey and found the vast ISIS smuggling of people network that helped Begum to travel to Syria.

The Journalist also got hundreds of files relevant to the smuggling and concluded that the man behind the operation was Mohammed Rashed. The intelligence officer later confirmed that Mohammed was a Canadian asset.

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