Tiktok: Bacari Ogarro Aka Mizzy Arrested, Case Details And Wikipedia Bio


Mizzy Arrested has been trending on the internet. Ogarro gained notoriety for sharing videos of himself on platforms like TikTok and YouTube. However, his content revolves around what he refers to as “pranks,” which frequently involve troubling behavior such as harassing or assaulting individuals.

Bacari Ogarro, also known as “Mizzy,” is an 18-year-old TikToker who has gained popularity by sharing videos of himself engaging in pranks.

However, these pranks often cross the line into harassment and assault against unsuspecting individuals.

His videos have stirred controversy as they depict him engaging in troubling behavior such as trespassing, stealing, and even physically harming people, all in the pursuit of gaining views and attention on social media.

Unfortunately, Ogarro has not yet taken responsibility or offered apologies to those he has harassed, claiming that he is simply creating entertaining content for his viewers.

Tiktok: Bacari Ogarro Aka Mizzy Arrested

Currently, Mizzy has been released. However, in February 2023, he was indeed arrested for assaulting Orthodox Jews in Stamford Hill.

The incident was reported by The Jerusalem Post, highlighting videos that Mizzy had posted, which involved harassing members of the Jewish community.

Mizzy Arrested
Mizzy is an 18-year-old TikToker who has gained popularity by sharing videos of himself engaging in harmful pranks. (Source: Daily Star)

One video depicted him sneaking up behind a Jewish man, placing his hands on his shoulders, and attempting to jump over him. Another video showed Mizzy trespassing into the home of a Jewish family.

Mizzy has a history of sharing such videos, indicating that this is not the first time he has engaged in such behavior.

There are numerous videos that have shown him stealing people’s dogs, damaging public property, and even threatening individuals for the sake of gaining attention and popularity.

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Mizzy Arrest Case Details

Mizzy, a TikTok influencer, was initially arrested on various charges, including assault, trespassing, and theft.

However, after spending 12 hours in custody, the charges against him were modified to criminal damage. Despite the legal situation, Mizzy has continued to create prank videos.

His video has caused massive outrage among people on the internet. (Source: Daily Star)

Recently, Mizzy addressed the situation in a video posted on YouTube. However, he refused to acknowledge or take responsibility for his actions.

He stated: ” You guys are on social media giving me what I want basically at the end of the day. You are commenting on these videos, engaging with the videos, and posting them everywhere.

All you’re doing is aiding our mission by watching the video by dropping your comments negative or positive. You’re still reinforcing the narratives which we are trying to portray. We have been doing this way before social media.”

However, since the release of his video, many people on the internet have expressed dissatisfaction with Mizzy’s way of handling the situation.

Many people have voiced their concerns and anger toward him, highlighting their disapproval of his actions.

Mizzy appears to be wholly unaffected by the criticism and backlash from people on the internet, indicating that it may not stop him from continuing to create prank videos.

It seems that he is not letting the negative feedback impact his decision to engage in such content.

Mizzy’s Wikipedia Bio explored

There is not much information about Mizzy as he does not have an official Wikipedia page. However, it is known that he is 19 years old as of 2024.

There is limited information available about Mizzy’s family members. He has been under negative scrutiny for a considerable period of time due to his controversial prank videos.

Despite this negative attention, he has managed to gain more than 38 thousand followers on YouTube. However, these videos have sparked concerns across social media platforms.

The situation has even caught the attention of Tech Minister Paul Scully, who has expressed his intention to introduce new legislation that would prevent individuals from posting prank videos like those made by Mizzy on social media.

As of now, Mizzy’s Youtube channel as well as TikTok account has been suspended.

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