Alex Bennett Divorce Husband Graham Bennett Reddit Drama And Scandal

Alex Bennett Divorce

Who is Alex Bennett’s husband? The secrecy surrounding Alex Bennett divorce has left fans wondering, leaving them curious to unveil her married life and drama. 

Alex Bennett is a famous media podcaster. Likewise, she gained fame for co-hosting the Mean Girl podcast. 

Many confuse her name as Alexa, which she has addressed in her Instagram bio, confirming that her name is “Alex, not Alexa.”

Moreover, Bennett is the CEO and founder of Just Media House. Also, she has launched herself as a digital media influencer.

Similarly, the Barstool podcaster has gained over 202 thousand followers on Instagram. Alex is active on the platform, with over 891 posts as of this writing.

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Alex Bennett Divorce 

Just Media House founder Alex Bennett has married Graham Bennett since 2019. However, since July 2023, Alex hasn’t posted or shared much about her billionaire sports mogul heir spouse.

Hence, followers speculate that separation or divorce is coming for Graham Bennett and Alex Bennett. Likewise, the podcaster revealed that she and Graham are “going through their married life.”

Likewise, Alex spilled some tea on TikTok on July 19, 2023. Also, the podcast host explained that she and Graham were “going through it” but wanted to keep details “offline” as she’s only half of their unit.

Alex Bennett divorce husband
Alex Bennett’s divorce: The Barstool podcaster has not addressed her divorce rumours from her husband, Graham Bennett. (Source: Instagram)

Since Alex is back in the office, fans are still wondering where is her spouse, Graham Bennett.

Alex and Graham have been married for over four years. Likewise, her husband has been by her throughout her Barstool career.

Graham has even appeared on several episodes of the Mean Girl podcast.

However, Alex hasn’t been sharing as much about her marriage to Graham. Hence, her fans think something’s off between them.

Alex shared her last post with Graham on May 6, 2023. Also, she shared a highlight reel of her 30th birthday moments, and he didn’t seem to be there. That hinted at a major red flag of their potential divorce.

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Meet Alex Bennett’s Husband Graham Bennett

Barstool podcaster Alex Bennett’s husband, Graham Bennett, is a billionaire. Likewise, Bennett tied the knot with billionaire sports mogul heir Graham Bennett in 2019.

Alex used to talk about him all the time on the Mean Girl podcast, but she’s been relatively mum in comparison.

Graham just so happens to be the son of a billionaire sports mogul. Also, Graham comes from wealth and power on both sides of his family.

His father, Clay Bennett, owns the Oklahoma City Thunder NBA team. Clay married his high school sweetheart, Louise Gaylord Bennett, the heiress of media mogul Edward L. Gaylord.

Moreover, Edward’s father, E.K. Gaylord, owned The Oklahoman newspaper.

Graham has followed in his parents’ legacies. He received his undergraduate degree at the University of San Diego in 2016. Also, he earned his master’s degree from the Harvard Extension School in 2023.

In June 2022, Graham began working with the REFORM Alliance, where he rose to his current position as the Manager of Development Initiatives.

Graham is also on the Advisory Boards of the E.L. and Thelma Gaylord Foundation and the Dorchester Capital Corporation.

Alex Bennett Reddit Drama And Scandal

‘Mean Girl’ podcast host Alex Bennett recently came under fire for a tweet. Likewise, the drama at Barstool is its complicated web of intrigue, and Alex Bennett is often in the middle of it all.

Alex Bennett Divorce Reddit Drama
Alex Bennett Divorce: The Mean Girl podcast host has not addressed Reddit drama. (Source: Instagram)

Bennett’s “feud” with “El Presidente” Dave Portnoy made headlines, but now she’s settled into her Mean Girl podcast era with Jordyn Woodruff.

In September 2023, the two stirred up some beef between sports blogger Chris Klemmer and Dave, thanks to a controversial video.

However, two of her credit cards were declined when Alex tried to pay for a meal with Jordyn on August 11. Hence, fans are assuming that Graham cancelled all of her cards. Also, they’re speculating a divorce is in the works.

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