Is Tiffany Dover Pregnant? Age Husband And Family Details

Tiffany Dover pregnant and husband

The subject of Tiffany Dover Pregnancy began trending again after stunning disclosures on her latest health update. Is Tiffany Dover Pregnant? Let’s spill out the facts. 

Tiffany Dover is the modern anti-vaccine icon. She is the nurse who supports the anti-vaccine community.  

Dover shot to fame as she supported the anti-vaccine protests during Covid. Coming from a medical background, people began noticing her after she refused to vaccinate herself.  

Also, she is a nurse by profession based in Tennessee. According to several sources, conspiracy theorists and the anti-vaccine community made her Covid anti-vas woman. 

Moreover, her death hoax recently circulated in the media, which the sources claim was totally false.

In addition, Dover became an anti-vaccine protester after she lost her grandma during the Covid wave. 

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Is Tiffany Dover Pregnant?

No, anti-vaccine icon Tiffany Dover is not pregnant in [current year]. Netizens often search the topic as her death news recently circulated on the media.  

Dover’s death news is false as she is excellent and healthy. Similarly, the lady is not pregnant. 

According to the Tennessee article, Tiffany’s health seems fine after taking Covid-dose. 

Tiffany Dover husband
Tiffany Dover is a nurse manager based in Tennessee. (Source: NBC News)

Dover rarely talks about her pregnancy rumors, and also media stays away from the topic. There is no possible pregnancy news recorded regarding Tiffany.

The Tennesse nurse passed out after receiving her first COVID-19 vaccine shot, and soon her video started trending on social media pages. 

Speaking of her personal life, the Tennesse nurse seeks privacy and has rarely revealed about her married life. 

Tiffany now lives in Alabama and quit her job at CHI Memorial in 2022. 

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Tiffany Dover Wikipedia: How Old Is She?

Tennessee nurse Tiffany Dover is a former nurse manager at CHI Memorial Hospital. She worked in the COVID-19 ward of the hospital in December 2020.

The Tennessee-based medical staff Dover’s birth date is not confirmed. According to Independant’s article published in 2021, she was 30 years old then, making her 32 years old as of 2023.

She quickly came to the spotlight and received recognition for all the wrong reasons as Dover was one of the first medical staff who received the COVID vaccination and collapsed live on TV.

Following her first COVID-19 vaccine dose, she fainted on camera live on Facebook.  

Tiffany Dover Husband And Family Details

Former medical staff at CHI Memorial Hospital, Tiffany Dover, hasn’t revealed about her husband and family. The famous anti-vaccine icon only gained a short popularity for her stance against vaccines.

There is no information regarding her married life and family. It could be possible that the Tennessee nurse is in a romantic relationship, but that part of her life is a mystery. 

Tiffany Dover family
Tiffany Dover has not revealed about her family. (Source: NBC News)

However, a few sources online mentions Tiffany Dover’s husband as Dustin Dover. But, the nurse has rarely revealed her personal life publicly. 

Dover has been in several interviews with N.B.C., and now she wants people to see her as normal rather than an anti-vaccine icon. She said:

“I wanted to announce what this vaccine meant to me, I thought that I could just hold pain because it was important to me, and my body might be respected that, but it didn’t matter. It did exactly what it does.”

After getting vaccinated, she said she felt a pain that caused her to faint. But she was back on her feet in no time.

Also, Dover told reporters she was fine, but her death rumors didn’t stop swirling on social media pages. 

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