The Baxter Family Tiktok Death – What Happened? Case And Family Details

The Baxter family

The Baxter Family Tiktok Death has become one of the most searched topics on the internet recently, so to know more about the case, read the following article below.

The mother and father of a 31-year-old woman who tragically perished in a devastating car fire in Brisbane, along with her three young children, exerted all their efforts in aiding her escape from her estranged husband, who is believed to be responsible for their untimely deaths.

Hannah Clarke passed away at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital on Wednesday evening, less than a day after her estranged husband.

Rowna Baxter, the husband of Hannah, a former rugby league player, allegedly doused his family with gasoline in a suspected case of domestic violence.

The tragic incident occurred on a serene suburban street in Camp Hill, an affluent area in the eastern part of Brisbane, where the children, Laianag (four), Aliyah (six), and Trey (three), lost their lives when the car they were in suddenly caught fire during their routine school commute.

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The Baxter Family Tiktok Death – What Happened?

The netizens wonder about the Baxter Family TikTok Death Case. According to the police, the estranged husband and father are believed to have poured gasoline on the car while his wife and children were inside and subsequently stabbed themselves. He passed away at the scene.

Although Hannak managed to escape from the burning car, she succumbed to her injuries and passed away at the hospital.

Witnesses recounted that Baxter, in a state of distress, fled from the vehicle while exclaiming that gasoline had been poured on him.

The Baxter family tiktok death
Killer dad kidnapped one of his kids and fled interstate two months before dousing his family in petrol and burning them to death – as it emerges he stalked his wife and hid in her parents’ garden before the attack (Source: Daily Mail)

Neighbors who were present at the scene made valiant attempts to assist the mother and children.

One individual, despite sustaining burns to his face, courageously made every effort to reach the car.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison expressed the nation’s grief for the mother and her children, stating, ‘Australians across the country are profoundly shocked, saddened, and devastated by this tragic incident’. 

He also stated that the senseless and infuriating murder of Hannah and her three children through this act of terrible violence deeply saddens our hearts today.

The Baxter Family case details 

The couple, who were estranged, had previously owned a fitness business named Integr8 and are believed to have separated prior to Christmas of the previous year.

It is important to note that there are no ongoing legal proceedings related to the family or federal court proceedings involving the family.

Rowna Baxter, a former rugby league player and fitness coach, had been associated with the New Zealand Warriors NRL squad during the mid-2000s, although he did not participate in any first-grade matches. On the other hand, his wife had achieved success as a trampoline champion.

The Baxter family
Hannah Clarke’s estranged husband considered abducting a previous partner, inquest told (Source: SBS)

Leading up to the alleged attack, Rowna Baxter’s Facebook page displayed numerous pictures and videos of their three children, accompanied by captions including ‘loves them to the moon and back’ and ‘Daddy misses you all’.

Approximately six days prior to the incident, a friend posted a supportive message on Rowna’s page, saying, ‘Stay strong, brother. Everything will eventually fall into place. Many people care about you and the situation you’re facing.

the Baxter family details 

Expressing his profound anger, Lloyd Clarke, the father of Hannah Clarke, referred to his estranged son-in-law as “scum” and a “monster.”

He stated on social media, ‘Although he may have claimed to care for and love his children, I am aware that his priorities always revolved around himself. The scum deserves to suffer in hell’.

The Baxter family
Waiting for her family who will never come home: The Baxters’ heartbroken dog Savannah gazes skyward after ‘losing everyone she loves’ in horrific car inferno (Source: Daily Mail)

Nat Clarke, the brother of the late Hannah, expressed his devastation at losing his sister, nieces, and nephew ‘in the cruelest manner possible’ at the hands of their heartless father, Rowan Baxter, a former NRL player.

In a heartfelt message, Nat wrote, “Anyone fortunate enough to have been a part of their lives would truly understand the genuine sweetness and love that radiated from my sister and these kids.”

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