Janiyah Thompson Missing: Is She Found? Missing Case Update

Janiyah Thompson Missing

The Janiyah Thompson Missing Case has resurfaced as a popular topic on the Internet, sparking searches for updates on whether she has been found.

Janiyah Thompson, an 18-year-old girl from Prince George’s County, has been missing for nearly two months.

Her disappearance has caused her family enormous sorrow, and they are desperate to find her.

Thompson was last seen at the Naylor Road Metro Station when she told her older brother she needed to take care of something before departing.

This unusual behavior, combined with the lack of communication, has aroused fear among her loved ones, causing them to believe that something awful has happened to her.

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Janiyah Thompson Missing: Is She Found?

Janiyah Thompson missing case has received a lot of attention, with news about her being reported missing and efforts being made to find her.

Unfortunately, Despite efforts by her family and the authorities, she remains missing.

Her family has expressed their deep worry and devastation over her disappearance. 

They emphasized that her being out of contact for such an extended period is entirely out of character.

Janiyah’s father Clinton Hubbard has expressed his family’s concern at the lack of information about her health.

The family’s emotional state has suffered as a result of her prolonged absence.

Janiyah Thompson Missing case
Janiyah Thompson missing case is yet to be solved. (Source: Twitter)

The family and friends of the missing girl have turned to social media platforms to raise awareness about her disappearance and gather support in the search for her.

Numerous posts have been shared detailing her physical appearance and the circumstances surrounding her disappearance.

They have made an appeal to the public for any information that could help them find the 18-year-old and return her safely to her family.

Nonetheless, social media has become an important aspect for her family in hopes of finding her. 

Her family is also expecting if someone could have heard or seen something important to the investigation of Janiyah Thompson Missing Case.

Janiyah Thompson Missing Case Update

The young girl was last seen on Monday, April 24th, around 6:12 p.m. at Naylor Road Station. She is about 5’4″ tall and weighs between 120-130 lbs.

When she was last seen, she was wearing specific clothes and items.

She had on a pleated skirt, a black long-sleeve shirt, pink glasses, white socks, and black and white Converse Chuck sneakers.

Additionally, she was wearing a baby blue zip-up jacket with the word “PINK” written on the front.

The report about Janiyah Thompson missing was officially registered with the Prince George’s County Police Department.

However, due to her age of 18, she is considered an adult, and the police informed the family that they have limitations in their search efforts.

The family has experienced trauma as a result of this response from the authorities, who have made them feel as though their worries are not being taken seriously.

Despite their distress, the family continues to push for information and updates from the police regarding the progress of the search.

As of the time of writing this article, the search for her is still ongoing.

Janiyah Thompson Missing
Janiyah Thompson, 18, has been missing for over a month. (Source: Twitter)

The authorities and her family remain determined to find her, even though it has been nearly two months since she went missing.

Her loved ones are still dealing with the uncertainty and anxiety caused by her disappearance.

They are counting on the support of the community and the dedicated efforts of the police to continue searching for the senior high schooler and find her.

If anyone has any information about Janiyah’s whereabouts, they are kindly asked to contact the following phone numbers:

Tikis at 240-510-8042, Deborah at 293-352-1686, Clinton at 301-407-3405, LaShawn at 203-352-1697, and LaTasha at 202-497-9914.

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