Meet Taylor Lautner Siblings Makena Moore Parents And Family

Taylor Lautner Siblings

Taylor Lautner siblings had been supportive of his career throughout his time as an actor. The article below explains his parents, siblings, and family in detail.

Taylor Lautner is an American actor who gained fame for his role as Jacob Black, a werewolf in The Twilight Saga film series which became a major success.

Lautner began his acting career with small roles in TV shows and voice roles in animated series. He has won several awards, including MTV Movie Awards and Teen Choice Awards.

He has been involved in television projects like the BBC sitcom Cuckoo and the FOX series Scream Queens.

The actor has been recognized for his physique, ranking on lists of handsome men and having notable abs.

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Meet Taylor Lautner Siblings: Makena Moore

Taylor Lautner siblings include her younger sister named Makena Moore who was born on July 6, 1998.

Makena is the sibling of the famous actor and has occasionally garnered attention due to her association with her brother’s ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

Despite the age difference, Makena and Taylor have maintained a strong sibling connection throughout the years.

Taylor Lautner siblings, Makena has expressed her admiration for her brother’s talent and has proudly supported him in his career.

She has been seen attending his movie premieres and events, showcasing her unwavering support for his success.

Taylor Lautner Siblings
Taylor Lautner at her sister, Makena Moore’s baby shower (Source: Instagram)

Makena is known for her own TikTok presence, where she often shares light-hearted and humorous content.

She has gained a following of her own on social media and has been recognized by fans of her brother.

Taylor Lautner siblings, Makena has also showcased her admiration for Taylor Swift by displaying a framed, autographed CD of the singer as part of her room decor.

Despite the spotlight on her brother’s celebrity status, Makena maintains her individuality and pursuits.

Their sibling relationship is a testament to the strength of family connections, even amid Hollywood fame.

Taylor Lautner Parents

Taylor Lautner, the American actor known for his role as Jacob Black in the “Twilight” film series, was born to parents Deborah Lautner and Daniel Lautner.

His mother, Deborah, worked for a software development company, while his father, Daniel, was a pilot for Midwest Airlines.

They moved from their hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, to Santa Clarita, California, when Lautner was pursuing his acting career.

Taylor Lautner Siblings
Taylor Lautner arrives with his father in Paris for a schedule (Source: Just Jared Jr.)

Lautner’s parents played a crucial role in supporting his acting aspirations. This move allowed him to have better opportunities in the entertainment industry.

Despite his success in Hollywood, Lautner has always remained humble and grounded. He has mentioned his parents’ support and encouragement as instrumental in his journey.

Taylor Lautner’s parents unwavering support helped him navigate the challenges and pressures of the industry, and their belief in his talent allowed him to pursue his dreams.

Taylor Lautner Family

Taylor Lautner comes from a close-knit family. He was born to parents Deborah and Daniel Lautner and has a younger sister named Makena.

Lautner’s sister, Makena, played a significant role in his love life as she introduced him to his now-wife, Taylor Dome.

The couple got married in November 2022 at a winery in California. Lautner’s family has been supportive of his career in the entertainment industry.

Taylor Lautner Siblings
Taylor Lautner marries Taylor Dome in November 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Despite his fame, Lautner remains close to his family and credits them for their support and guidance throughout his life.

His strong bond with his family is evident in his personal and professional choices.

Overall, Taylor Lautner’s family has played an important role in shaping his life and supporting his journey in the entertainment industry.

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