Meet Sarunas J Jackson Parents Romel And Yhinyer T Hubbard: Family Ethnicity

Sarunas J Jackson Parents

Sarunas J Jackson parents, Romel And Yhinyer T Hubbard, have played a pivotal role in shaping his acting career. Learn about them alongside Sarunas’s family ethnicity and partner.

Sarunas J Jackson was initially recognized for his basketball abilities, and later on, he seamlessly transitioned into the acting world.

After a successful college basketball career and receiving a professional contract offer, he ventured into television by making his debut appearance in “The Thundermans” series in 2014.

However, his recurring role as Alejandro “Dro” Peña in the highly regarded HBO series “Insecure” brought him significant acclaim for his acting talents.

Both viewers and critics alike praised his impressive performance on the show.

In addition to “Insecure, ” Sarunas J Jackson has also made notable appearances in other television series such as “Good Trouble” and “Games People Play.”

With his diverse skills and talents, Jackson has truly established himself as an adaptable actor who can transcend beyond the basketball court and make a lasting impact on screen.

Sarunas J Jackson Parents Romel And Yhinyer T Hubbard

Sarunas J Jackson parents, Romel Jackson and Yhinyer T Hubbard are both significant figures in his life.

As a stepfather, Romel has played an essential role in raising the actor alongside Yhinyer. Sarunass’s biological father’s identity remains unknown.

Sarunas J Jackson Parents
Sarunas J Jackson Parents and his brother (middle). (source: newstars)

However, he is believed to carry the surname Daulton in recognition of Romel’s impact on him.

In honor of his stepfather, Sarunas’s name was changed to Jackson.

Together as co-parents, Romel and Yhinyer have guided Sarunas and their other child Darius throughout their lives.

Although information surrounding Sarunass’s biological father remains largely under wraps, fans once thought that Ice Cube might be his father due to their shared last name.

However, this notion was later disproven as it turns out that they are not biologically related.

While Sarunass’s mother, Yhinyer, has a presence on Facebook, her profile is private and thus reveals restricted information about her.

She has refrained from sharing public photos and maintains a guarded online presence.

Interestingly enough, Yhinyer has showcased images of the Panama and Argentinian flags on her social media platforms.

Although detailed specifics regarding Sarunas J Jackson parents may not be widely available, it is apparent that Romel has played a predominant role in shaping his life.

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Sarunas J Jackson family Ethnicity

Sarunas J Jackson’s ethnicity reflects his diverse background and multicultural heritage.

With his mother, Yhinyer T Hubbard, being of Panamanian, Jamaican, and Native American ancestry, and his father coming from African-American and German roots, Sarunas has a rich mix of ethnic backgrounds.

In interviews, Sarunas has openly discussed his identity and often identifies as Afro-Latino, embracing his African and Panamanian heritage.

This multicultural upbringing has played a significant role in shaping his life and career.

It has instilled in him a strong sense of pride in his roots and a desire to represent his diverse background in his work.

By acknowledging and celebrating his mixed ethnicity, Sarunas aims to inspire others to embrace their own identities and promote inclusivity and representation in the entertainment industry.

His multicultural heritage serves as a reminder of the richness and diversity that exists within the world and emphasizes the importance of embracing and appreciating different cultures.

Sarunas J Jackson partner

Sarunas J Jackson is blessed with an adorable daughter named Zen or Zennie.

The mother of this sweet child is the talented actress DomiNque Perry.

However, there is uncertainty surrounding the current nature of their relationship. Sarunas expresses his affection for his daughter openly on Instagram.

Surprisingly, most of his fans wished he and Ice Cube were father-son after his outstanding portrayal of Marques King in Games People Play.

Sarunas J Jackson Parents
Sarunas J Jackson’s daughter Zen is four years old as of 2023. (source: distractify)

Zens’s upcoming first birthday brings joy to her loving father, who describes her as a talkative and lovable little one.

He wholeheartedly embraces her baby talk and encourages free expression from an early age.

Dominque Perry has gained recognition through films and TV series like “Get Hard,” “American Hero,” and “Insecure,” where she had the pleasure of working alongside Sarunas.

While details about their romantic involvement remain undisclosed, their shared dedication to parenting shines through in Sarunas’s heartfelt messages about their daughter.

Even though there may have been changes in Sarunas J Jackson’s family dynamics over time, his love for his daughter remains a cherished and essential part of his life. 

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